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Not All Manufacturing Execution Systems Are Created Equal

If you’re in discrete manufacturing, you know you need a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to realize your facility’s full potential. An MES system—no, the right MES system can help you optimize by collecting the data you need to track production, maintain quality control, and analyze your performance to identify inefficiencies.   But not all MES […]

Visual Analytics and Insights for Manufacturing – Accessibility of Data Across All Levels

Visual Analytics and Insights for Manufacturing – Accessibility of Data Across All Levels

Data analysis of your manufacturing operation is an integral part of the continuous improvement model used to identify inefficiencies and quality issues, what’s causing them, and how to eliminate them. However, data accessibility can be a barrier of entry for some users, which can lead to this step being overlooked – that is where visual analytics come in!

Uncovering the Hidden Factory — Ready to Boost Productivity?

Uncovering-hidden-factory-boost-productivity PinPoint MES

Ten percent.

That’s the percentage of the total mass of an iceberg that is visible above water. The rest, the great majority, is hidden underwater because of its sheer weight. And, as we know from historic shipwrecks, what you don’t see can be incredibly dangerous.

Data-Driven Decisions – Your Path to Significant Gains

ERp vs PLM

Decisions made on the plant floor and in the corporate office can be the difference between a business that is thriving or waning. As commodities and operational costs increase, it is essential to steer a company in a direction where initiatives are propelled, objectives are met, and employees are empowered.

Advancements in MES Capabilities Increase Productivity [CASE STUDY]


Most manufacturers look to a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for optimizing operations and enforcing a repeatable process. However in past week’s article, we covered how the right MES solution can perform functions that a typical MES is not known for: overcoming labor shortages.