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Repeatable Processes for Production Efficiency

PINpoint MES solutions for production efficiency allows companies to display clear, digital work instructions, and create detailed process steps for manufacturing operations. Reduce waste, increase throughput and reduce warranty claims by creating and enforcing repeatable manufacturing processes.

Production Operators Deserve Clarity

In the old days, the only way operators knew what to expect at work was by parsing through paperwork. It wasn’t always clear, and even if it was, clear instructions never guaranteed flawless production. With PINpoint MES, the process you define in the program is the process your operators execute.

Avoid Risk By Looking At Operator Engagement

Avoid Risk By Looking At Operator Engagement

In today’s tight labor market, skilled operators are hard to come by. Hard to keep, too. If vague instructions or unclear expectations aren’t addressed, they may walk away. Especially when they’re blamed for quality problems that digital work instructions and more effective employee onboarding can easily prevent.

Keep track of the process, and the overall operator engagement for better improvement and efficiency management.

PINpoint MES Works For Production Operators, Not Against Them 

Easy To Use

Easy to Use

Even the most skeptical operators will be surprised at how easy PINpoint MES is to learn to use. After just a few minutes of instruction, operators will be able to navigate an interactive SmartScreen to see all they need to know and act faster to identify and resolve problems right from their workstations.

setting up your MES

Repeatable Processes Enforced

With PINpoint MES, integration capabilities mean production steps must occur in the order they are defined in the program. With expectations clear and errors engineered out of the process, quality will increase as happier operators work worry-free.

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Proactive Resolution

In addition to tracking what’s happening, PINpoint MES also tracks who’s doing it. And that means managers can see, in real time, if certain operators struggle at certain workstations. Instead of letting a shift’s worth of scrapped product stack up, you’ll see right away who needs help and know how to help them. 

Expert collaboration and continuous improvement with Pinpoint MES

Reward Best Performers

Similarly, PINpoint MES offers a clear view of who is thriving. With this information, management can skip playing workstation musical chairs and assign operators to the stations where they are most productive. It’s never been easier to create conditions for operators to succeed and reward them for their work.