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PINpoint MES allows companies to error proof their processes and have complete control and visibility of every serial number, so you never ship a bad product. Reduce defects and warranty claims with our unparalleled quality feature set.


Anyone can monitor the status of a machine, but what about all the manual processes in discreet assembly or the processes that follow when a machine does not cycle as expected? Human beings are still the most effective way to complete manual tasks and gain feedback from the assembly line. We just need an effective strategy to enforce a repeatable process and make it easy for the operator to tell us what they see.

Avoid Risk By Looking At Operator Engagement

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Improving product quality with Pinpoint manufacturing execution system
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Error Proofing

The fastening of critical bolted joints involves controlling both the input torque and angle of turn to achieve the desired result of the bolted assembly. With the use of PINpoint MES, you can control any make and model of fastening tool. What does this mean for you, the manufacturer? Unprecedented error proofing.

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PINpoint guides operators to complete higher quality inspections. Easily configure based on your needs. User inspection items are highlighted.

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Product Quality

Passively collecting data does not get it done.  Eliminating the risk of shipping a defective product means actively managing the quality status of every product you build in real-time. Even managing repairs online or in repair stations is a universal headache…we have a solution! The quality status of every product is always visible from the shop floor to the top floor.

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Heatmap for
Monitoring Defects

Every manufacturing process creates defects.  Global leaders just create effective ways to identify them and create accountability to resolve them. PINpoint’s heatmap reporting not only allows to you precisely track the presence of defects, but also gain valuable insights into root cause so the cause can be resolved at source.