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What To Expect With
PINpoint MES

PINpoint MES is the only comprehensive, no-code manufacturing execution system that helps you uncover opportunities to make game-changing improvements out of the box. You’ll see why it’s worth it on Day 1.



It’s launch day. PINpoint MES has already been installed and configured to your manufacturing line. Connecting PINpoint MES with other existing software has already been completed. Our team has already trained yours on its wildly easy drag-and-drop functionality. 

So now, we turn it on. And the results? They’re immediate.

PINpoint MES enforces repeatable processes so operators are guaranteed to execute tasks correctly. Odds are, production quality increases before the close of business on your very first day with PINpoint MES.

PINpoint MES enforces repeatable processes



You’d be surprised how much data is harvested with a system that records and stores every measurable variable for every second of every shift.

At this stage, your growing rich data set is providing insights into possible process tweaks you can make to boost productivity. It’s also likely painted a clear picture of how each operator performs at each workstation second by second.

Adjusting production processes or re-assigning operators takes only a few seconds. Just point and click, drag and drop. It really is that easy. 

PinPoint MES growing rich data set



You’re now seeing the results of your continuous improvement efforts. Your operator assignments are optimized, your daily work schedules are clear and your production processes are smooth. Improved performance against the benchmarks you’ve set has begun showing up in your bottom line. 

And this is just the beginning.

Periodic reviews with our team of experts provide opportunities to dig even deeper into your data to uncover more opportunities to improve. In other words, we’re stepping into the hidden factory together. If there are more opportunities to seize below the surface, we’ll find them.

PinPoint MES continuous improvement and optimization