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Our Process

Ease, speed and simplicity are at the heart of installing and configuring the PINpoint MES solution in your manufacturing facility. All we need from you is some help understanding your specific manufacturing process parameters. 

The PINpoint Way is the proven approach to successful digital transformations in today’s high-stakes manufacturing.



The process starts with our team learning all we can about your manufacturing challenges and long-term goals. Together, we’ll make sure all stakeholders are aligned and understand how your PINpoint MES solution enables everyone’s success.



Before your production launch day, our project management and implementation team will install, configure, and validate the solution on your hardware, in your environment. These steps are key to launching a solution on time and on budget.



Within 90 days, your operations will be experiencing improved efficiency, reduced cost, and improved quality. 

With PINpoint MES, you’ll be making higher quality products with our industry-proven error-proofing system.

You can start leveraging your growing rich data set to uncover your unique improvement opportunities, gaining massive insights by knowing how every operator at every station spends every second.

You’ll be realizing your first of many significant achievements on your continuous improvement journey.



Within the first six months you’ll experience the full power of your PINpoint MES solution with a strategic PASS (PINpoint Analytical Support Services) review. We’ll take a deep dive into your data set, identify improvement opportunities, and serve up the results while teaching you along the way.



PINpoint MES’ revolutionary 5 bucket model captures data for every second, for every station, on every line, and every operator, for every product, that can be analyzed to uncover significant opportunities and insights that expose the hidden factory. Our InSight Hub will allow you to harness the power of your rich data set to a whole new level. Then we can help you take action to drive your bottom line results.