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Stop coding - start improving
with PINpoint MES Software

Collect rich data, error-proof manufacturing and improve production efficiency with PINpoint Manufacturing Execution System.  The only comprehensive no-code, MES software for discrete manufacturers on the market. All in a low-risk solution that drives results from Day 1 out-of-the-box.

The Stakes are High

Your customers will always demand continuous improvement. That means engineers are always on the hunt for opportunities to boost quality and throughput. Today, they turn to technology for help. But when the data you’re gathering does not consider the human element of the manufacturing process, it’s difficult to make efficiency improvements that work.

Instead, Take Control

PINpoint’s MES software is the only truly comprehensive no-code solution of its kind for discrete manufacturers. The rich dataset built over time allows engineers to identify the hidden factory, eliminate inefficiencies and implement improvements for better quality and higher throughput with no new investment in labor or equipment.

And because PINpoint is no-code, that means no more back-and-forths with distant programmers. When you see an opportunity to improve, just drag and drop, even on the fly. It really is that easy.

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Why PINpoint MES Software?

Low Risk

No science experiments or over budget custom projects. PINpoint MES is a fully featured out-of-the-box product. Created with features you know you want, and some you might not have ever thought to ask for.

Easy Configuration

Drag and drop. Plug and play. Configuring your PINpoint MES really is as easy as point-and-click. With PINpoint's MES software, you don’t have to be a programmer to use the software. We put the power to configure in your hands.

Revolutionary Data Set

Account for every second of your production time for every product, every station and every Operator on the line. If you’re serious about achieving quality and efficiency gains, you need this kind of visibility over People, Process, and Technology. PINpoint MES creates revolutionary improvement opportunities.

Proven Approach

Our team works hand in hand with yours throughout preparation and launch day, as well as offering ongoing support. We have a proven methodology we use over and over to help our customers achieve their manufacturing goals. We won’t stop until your system delivers results.

A PINpoint partnership

Even though PINpoint is a no-code, out-of-the-box MES software, that doesn’t mean we sell you the software and leave you hanging. Our team works side by side with yours for the long haul.

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Consultation and Demo

It starts with a no-commitment consultation. We’ll ask questions to learn what we can about your manufacturing ecosystem. And, we’ll show you how PINpoint works. Consultations are always free. And we’ll dive deeper when we get started!


Installation, Configuration and Validation

We’ll help set up any needed servers, install PINpoint and then train your team on its easy drag-and-drop configuration. Next, we’ll verify the system works as intended with test runs of your products.


See Results Right Away

Because PINpoint creates an integrated manufacturing environment, the process you defined in the software is the process executed on the floor. Enforce repeatable processes from the moment you hit “go.”


Data Deep Dive

In as early as 90 days, gain a full PINpoint PASS (PINpoint Analytical Support Services) review. Deeply dive into the data set, identify improvement opportunities and receive support and training along the way.



Discover the hidden factory and uncover more (and more compelling) opportunities to improve as your dataset grows. Six months after installation we can conduct a comprehensive PINpoint Health Check to further bolster your ongoing Continuous Improvement efforts.

Accolades and Certifications

PLC-Based MES:

Control Plant Equipment.
Over complicated,
and inflexible.

PINpoint's True MES:

Bridge the gap between your PLC data and ERP.
See the full picture:
People, Process, Technology.

ERP-Based MES:

Enterprise Functions.
Unable to connect to tools, lacks visibility.

Understanding MES and PINpoint

“Manufacturing Execution System” takes on different meanings depending on who you ask. Here’s where we stand.

A true Manufacturing Execution System:




PINpoint MES’ error-proofing capability enforces repeatable processes right away, so product quality is increased and defects are reduced. The results truly are immediate.



Your growing dataset is helping you uncover the hidden factory, revealing how much of the iceberg sits below the surface and showing you new opportunities to improve.



You’re seeing a massive second wave of positive results after acting on improvement opportunities your rich dataset helped you identify. And this is just the beginning. There’s more where that came from along your continuous improvement journey.