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Walk the talk every day and
make world class Quality and
Efficiency your new normal
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Knowing where every second
of production time really goes,
drives the Bottom Line
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Manage your plant floor in real-time



Create a plan based on goals while remaining flexible, should the plan need to change.

Everything starts with your schedule. Once your production time has been defined, your TAKT time is considered to automatically set your goal and set the plan. You significantly increase the probability of achieving your goal when it is clearly defined and communicated to all stakeholders.


User configurable tools that deliver a closed loop of process accountability and allow you to see your products through your customer’s eyes.

Designed from the ground up to raise the bar on error-proofing strategies beyond the ‘nuts-n-bolts’ & ‘lot traceability’ solutions. V5’s advanced route verification, process integrity, sub-component quality, and tangible product attributes are used to answer the ultimate question – ‘Can you ship this product to your customer?’


Know how every second of your production time is being spent.

Allocating each second of each station’s production time into V5’s 5-Bucket model provides you with unprecedented information about the performance of your stations and lines. Applying the 5-Bucket model allows you to quickly isolate station issues, facilitate and evaluate the effectiveness of your management decisions, and highlight long term trends.


Key Performance Indicators are calculated in real-time at every station, across the entire line and delivered to any Smart device.

Production Metrics should not be limited to graphs and charts, displaying manually tabulated, subjective data to tell you what happened yesterday. PINpoint V5 identifies the moment you deviate from your plan, provides the ability to drill down to determine the events that caused the decrease in performance, empowers you to make adjustments and provides the tools to measure the effectiveness of those management decisions.


Every event related to product, quality and performance is made available at your fingertips by leveraging the latest in business intelligence technology.

Data visibility is about more than pretty pictures, it is about providing laser focused feedback from the plant floor that empowers timely, proactive decision making. PINpoint V5 leverages knowledge of every action on the assembly line to trend your OEE in real-time, pareto the stations with the worst quality or performance numbers and even predict what you are Likely to build before the end of the day.

Walk the talk every day and make world class Quality and Efficiency your new normal

The pursuit of Quality and Efficiency is commonplace but embracing a culture of accountability required to achieve it and deploying the tools necessary to support that culture is not. Manufacturing Excellence is built on a robust, goal oriented philosophy that creates a reasonable expectation of success and a tool set that empowers all levels of a manufacturing facility to ‘walk the talk’. PINpoint V5 makes committing to a culture of excellence practical. Set your goals, leverage real time data to be accountable to those goals, make adjustments, measure the effectiveness of those decisions and make walking the talk a way of life.

PINpoint V5 – Effective Plant Floor Management “Out of the Box”

Does your corporate strategy for plant floor management start with an investment in the same custom developed basics every time you launch a new line? Is the result a series of islands of control that never appear to contribute to a single, constructive end? PINpoint V5 is a user configurable product, built from the ground up to be the most comprehensive plant floor management tool available in industry today. Whether your focus is plant management, engineering, production or quality. V5 puts the power of the system into the hands of the people that really need it.