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PINpoint MES Technology for
Continuous Improvement

Every manufacturing process has room for improvement. PINpoint MES technology makes it easier to find them by allowing engineers and operators to uncover the hidden factory, drag-and-drop process tweaks and enforce repeatability for better quality and higher throughput.

Engineers Are
On The Hook

As a production engineer, you are responsible for the quality of the products coming off the line. Improving product quality isn’t getting any easier, so you need a manufacturing execution system built with quality management in mind. The right MES should collect and organize the data you know is meaningful, and then empower you to make process tweaks on the fly quickly and easily.

Don’t Leave Opportunity on the Table
Don’t Leave Opportunity
on the Table

Without a manufacturing execution system for quality management, you might never uncover improvement opportunities that unlock the full potential of your people or processes. And with the wrong one, you’ll lose sleep worrying whether all that coding just to make one simple change was worth the delay it caused.

Here’s How PINpoint MES Impacts
Engineering Leaders

planning manufacturing optimization system

View your entire plant floor in a single optimized view- all inside of PINpoint MES. Take control of the entire assembly line so that you can rapidly respond to changing customer demands.

MES drag and drop
Drag and Drop

Armed with great data and an idea for improvement, simply drag and drop to adjust processes or change process steps. No exhaustive programming, no delays. Test theories on the fly or make process changes live in seconds. After all, you’re on the hook. So let’s put you in charge. 

MES continuous progress
Rich, Accessible
Data Sets

PINpoint MES collects every recordable data point for every second of every shift. No more stopwatches attempting time studies at every station. Importantly, that wealth of information is organized and displayed in an intuitive dashboard so you get a deeper, clearer picture of what’s happening second by second, workstation by workstation. 

Expert Collaboration

Throughout our relationship, use the PINpoint team as your sounding board to explore your ideas for continuous improvement. In periodic reviews, our team will take a deep dive into your data to learn what’s working well and where remaining opportunities lie. We’re in this together.

easy-install MES

Your Security Teams will love the new security features that help protect the organization. Truly an enterprise level application with Industry-best protocols for secure authentication and authorization. Full end to end encryption to ensure your data is always protected