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Ease, speed and simplicity are at the heart of installing and configuring the PINpoint MES solution in your manufacturing facility. All we need from you is some help understanding your specific manufacturing process parameters. 

PINpoint MES was developed for every stage of its lifecycle in your facility. It drives results from the moment it’s configured, and becomes more powerful still over time. If the following concepts are important to you, then you should consider the PINpoint MES solution. 

For Operations Leaders

Marry the rich dataset PINpoint collects with guaranteed repeatable processes to develop the most comprehensive understanding of your production possible. These insights will drive the line and workstation level decisions you make to further boost throughput with no additional labor or equipment. 

For Engineering

If you’re not improving, someone else is. And too often, manufacturers fall behind because weak processes and a lack of actionable insights mean the best they can do is fire shots in the dark. PINpoint MES collects more data and controls more variables so you don’t have to. Just skip to the fun part of your job.

For Quality Control

Inconsistency across operators and manufacturing lines can be a hidden drag on efficient, profitable production. PINpoint MES integrates with your existing manufacturing automation, directing production of the right parts with the right process, every single time. 

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For Production

Even the most skeptical operators will be surprised at how easy PINpoint MES is to learn to use. After just a few minutes of instruction, operators will be able to navigate an interactive SmartScreen to see all they need to know and act faster to identify and resolve problems right from their workstations.

For IT Teams

IT challenges are common barriers to onboarding an MES solution. And they’re avoidable. So-called MES systems are too hard to work with, and some even require third-party programmers just to get them installed. Not PINpoint. This no-code program is so easy to install and configure, we may not even need your IT team’s help.

Professional Support Services

Accelerate your capabilities with targeted services that ensure you get the most out of your solution. We will partner with you to identify opportunities to gain even more from your investment. We will also provide assistance to help you increase adoption and leverage capabilities that deliver results quickly.