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IT Teams Will Fall in Love With
PINpoint MES

PINpoint MES was designed for simple installation. Now, your IT team doesn’t need to dread bringing new software online. No more all-nighters, no more onerous coding and no more costly and time-intensive third-party programming.   

IT Teams Are Not Magicians

IT professionals are often asked to do the impossible: Become fluent in big, clunky programs that are difficult to use, even harder to update and nearly impossible to integrate with other software. Manufacturers who don’t recognize the IT burden of systems will end up paying more and waiting longer for results—if they achieve any at all. PINpoint MES has taken a major leap forward in the space of security, and ease of use, that will benefit you today and well into the future

Beware the Wrong MES

Be on the lookout for these red flags. You’ve got the wrong MES if:

PINpoint MES is the only comprehensive, no-code Manufacturing Execution System custom-priced and supported for YOUR facility, processes and people.

Here’s How PINpoint MES Impacts IT Leaders

MES Next Generation Security

Next Gen Security

Your Security Teams will love the new security features that help protect the organization. Truly an enterprise level application with Industry-best protocols for secure authentication and authorization. Full end to end encryption to ensure your data is always protected

MES Minimal Hardware Requirements

Minimal Hardware Requirements

All you need is some server space and a computer at every workstation. As long as it’s Windows, use the hardware you want. 

PinPoint MES Simple Configuration

Simple Configuration

Point and click, drag and drop. That’s all it takes to configure PINpoint, whether you’re installing it for the first time or reconfiguring it after replacing machinery. This no-code solution also comes features such as, built-in drivers for vision systems and barcode scanners, as well as a wealth of APIs for easy interface with ERPs, PLCs and other critical programs.

Fast, Easy Installation

Fast, Easy Installation

PINpoint MES requires no coding or programming on your part. With the proper hardware in place, it installs in minutes. It’s so easy, many customers are comfortable installing PINpoint MES on additional lines themselves after we help them with the first.

Expert Collaboration

Expert Collaboration

Throughout our relationship, use the PINpoint team as your sounding board to explore your ideas for continuous improvement. In periodic reviews, our team will take a deep dive into your data to learn what’s working well and where remaining opportunities lie. We’re in this together.

technical-support MES

Dedicated Service

Your IT team shouldn’t be left holding the bag after the sale. Our team provides close support on launch day and offers additional ongoing services so you can keep your IT team focused on their core goals.