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Since its founding in 1997, PINpoint Information Systems has flipped the narrative for manufacturing engineers, operators and IT teams. The days of disengaged workers, overburdened IT teams and relying on inadequate operations are gone for good.

PINpoint: The Only True Comprehensive and No-Code Manufacturing Execution System

PINpoint manufacturing software is the only comprehensive no-code, non PLC-based manufacturing execution system for discrete manufacturers. Create detailed daily work schedules, enforce repeatable processes and maximize operator potential—all from a platform that’s easy to install, easier to configure on the fly and that comes with robust customer support out-of-the-box from Day 1. 

PINpoint MES

Our success only comes from our customers’ tireless pursuit to continually improve.

Now with PINpoint MES, our customers can:

Meet Our Executive Team

Rob MacMillan


Rob is an entrepreneurial-minded leader with over 30 years of experience establishing and growing business in the manufacturing sector. While his degree is in Mathematics, his passion lies in the creative process of development, marketing positioning, and sales of PINpoint’s MES platform, as well as working closely with high-value clients to achieve manufacturing excellence through vision and strategic implementation.

Don McCartney

Chief Executive Officer

Don is an accomplished and versatile business leader who excels at complex transformation and growth. With over 25 years of experience, he has amassed a proven track record of driving high-quality growth with superior customer experience results across a broad variety of industries, including banking, multi-sector consulting, and software/services organizations.

Jarda Smrz

Chief Product Officer

Jarda is a thought leader in the application of MES solutions with over 20 years of experience guiding digital transformations for discrete manufacturers. Anchored in a core belief that action rooted in knowledge is the path to manufacturing excellence, Jarda combines a rich technology foundation with critical management principles to deliver sustainable business results.

Marc Seguin

Chief of Engineering & Integration

Marc is a visionary innovator with over 20 years of experience advancing MES software with industry-leading ideas.  His rich background launching dozens of solutions for a diversified portfolio of discrete manufacturers gives him the experience to lead PINpoint’s Integration and Engineering teams, managing projects to ensure all solutions are implemented with a customer-focused mindset. With a love of numbers, Marc is a subject matter expert in supporting customers with their digital transformation initiatives.

Warren Andrade

Chief Operating Officer

Warren is a results-driven strategist with over 20 years of experience in Business Transformation and Operational Effectiveness. He heads up Pinpoint’s Professional Services, Analytics, Sales Enablement, and Strategic Partnership Teams. Warren and his team regularly partner with clients to deliver millions of dollars in benefits annually. His education is in Business where he obtained his MBA and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Fernando A. Garcia

Fernando A. Garcia

Head of Sales

Fernando is a dynamic, bilingual executive with over 15 years experience in engineering, project management, and sales across highly competitive industries. As the Head of Sales , Fernando excels in steering his team towards excellence, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. Holding an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Engineering Degrees from Kettering University (GMI), Fernando has specialized in Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, and Entrepreneurship. His adeptness at blending engineering acumen with business strategy makes him key to navigating market challenges and leading his team to success.

Customer Success Leaders

Corey Simon

Senior Project Manager

Corey possesses over 20 years of invaluable experience at PINpoint and the manufacturing industry. Equipped with a strong educational background in Computer Science and a post-graduate in Network Operations, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and managerial acumen to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and drive successful project outcomes. With a deep understanding of machine interface and communication protocol, Corey excels at bridging the gap between technology and business objectives.

Morgan Anderson

Senior Project Manager

Morgan has over 10 years of experience managing and integrating PINpoint’s MES software across a diverse manufacturing portfolio. With a focus on converting customer requirements into permanent long-term solutions, Morgan provides expertise for quick turnaround projects that add value on day one. Using the PINpoint MES software, Morgan has provided error proof and time saving solutions that have helped customers save millions over the years. His two degrees in electrical engineering bring a very technical, problem-solving oriented mindset to the PINpoint team.

Vineet Lakhlani

Senior Project Manager

Vineet holds over 12 years of experience in Project Management and Business Analysis. At PINpoint, he is a Senior Project Manager in the Integration Department. He and his team work closely with customers to analyze, design, and integrate a robust PINpoint solution that helps customers deliver quality products efficiently. Vineet is a certified Scrum Master and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with a Manufacturing emphasis and has a postgraduate education in Financial Economics and Information Technology . He is currently working on getting the PMP certification to further enhance his project management expertise.

Frank Jin

Senior Solutions Engineer

Frank has more than 20 years of expertise in MES Solution Consulting and project management. He is a key member of the Professional Services team at PINpoint, passionately assisting clients in leveraging and optimizing the rich features of PINpoint. Frank also supports our Clients outside of North America. His academic background is in Electrical and Controls Engineering, enhancing his ability to support clients globally.

Mark Niemi

Senior Solutions Engineer

Mark brings over 20 years of experience in process optimization, advancing solutions that improve operational efficiency and eliminate pain points in an organization. Throughout his career, his project leadership has focused on implementing new technologies and facilitating standardized processes that eliminate waste, increase production throughput capability, reduce capital spend, and minimize the manufacturing footprint. Mark is a graduate engineer with an MBA and Lean Manufacturing Certification

Your Success is Our Obsession

The Tech Wizards at PINpoint have been fascinated with the intersection of people, process and technology for over 25 years. It’s an obsession that’s led to transformative changes in the way work is done and workers are deployed within some of the most renowned global manufacturers.

25+ Years On The Cutting Edge

PINpoint MES sets the standard for manufacturing execution systems in modern manufacturing facilities around the world, with ready adoption in the automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and power sports sectors.
PINpoint MES is instrumental to Caterpillar’s heavy equipment manufacturing, auto parts suppliers, and aerospace component manufacturing for Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner.
PINpoint steadily expands and its software is implemented in factories beyond the U.S. PINpoint MES becomes a key component of continuous improvement efforts for GM, ArvinMeritor and others. A touchscreen-based paperless MES launches in 2006.
Major North American automotive players like Lear and JCI began telling a new continuous improvement story when they integrated PINpoint’s first-of-its-kind error-proofing system into their manufacturing lines in 1998 and 1999, respectively.
PINpoint is founded.

What You
Can Expect



PINpoint MES’ error-proofing capability enforces repeatable processes right away, so product quality is increased and defects are reduced. The results truly are immediate.



Your growing dataset is helping you uncover the hidden factory, revealing how much of the iceberg sits below the surface and showing you new opportunities to improve.



You’re seeing a massive second wave of positive results after acting on improvement opportunities your rich dataset helped you identify. And this is just the beginning. There’s more where that came from along your continuous improvement journey.