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PINpoint MES: Celebrating 27 Years of Innovation

As we mark 27 remarkable years of PINpoint MES in the manufacturing world, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what makes this system not just a participant but a leader in the realm of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Over nearly three decades, PINpoint has evolved, adapted, and revolutionized the way manufacturers approach production, quality, and efficiency. Let’s embark on a journey through 27 insightful facts about PINpoint MES!

All Set? Let’s dive in!


  1. Foundation and Vision: Established 27 years ago, PINpoint MES has been a pioneer in the manufacturing execution system (MES) landscape, dedicated to revolutionizing manufacturing efficiency.
  2. Over 7,800 stations across the globe: PINpoint MES has marked its global presence by being installed in over 7,800 stations worldwide, demonstrating its widespread acceptance and effectiveness in manufacturing environments.
  3. 310 years of collaborative experience:The team behind PINpoint MES brings together an astounding 310 years of collaborative experience, underscoring their deep expertise and comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing industry’s nuances and challenges.
  4. Our Motto at the Core: At PINpoint, we operate under a powerful belief: “Action rooted in knowledge is the path to manufacturing excellence.” This encapsulates our approach to empowering manufacturers. It’s about turning insights into outcomes, and knowledge into action.
  5. Proven Methodology:The PINpoint team employs a proven methodology to work hand-in-hand with customers, ensuring successful implementation and manufacturing goal achievement.
  6. Revolutionary Data Set:PINpoint MES offers comprehensive data collection capabilities, accounting for every second of production time across all aspects of the manufacturing process.
  7. Immediate Results:The integration of PINpoint MES with existing systems ensures immediate results upon launch, with enforceable repeatable processes from day one.
  8. Rich Data Insights:Within 30 days, the growing rich data set from PINpoint MES starts providing insights for potential productivity enhancements.
  9. Continuous Improvement: By 90 days, the system aids in optimizing operator assignments and smoothing production processes, reflecting improvements in the bottom line.
  10. Long-term Partnership Approach:PINpoint emphasizes a partnership approach, providing ongoing support even though it’s an out-of-the-box MES solution.
  11. IT Team Friendly:The no-code aspect of PINpoint MES means it’s simple to install and configure, sometimes without needing extensive IT team involvement.
  12. Tailored for Operations Leaders:The system is designed to provide comprehensive insights into production processes, aiding leaders in making informed decisions to boost throughput.
  13. Engineering Efficiency: Engineers benefit from PINpoint MES by gaining access to extensive data and control over numerous variables, streamlining the engineering process.
  14. Rich Data Collection Model:PINpoint’s 5-Bucket Time Model collects extensive data to uncover opportunities to eliminate labor inefficiencies.
  15. Quality Control Integration: The MES integrates with existing manufacturing automation to ensure consistent quality across different operators and lines.
  16. Operator Friendly:Easily learned and used by operators, even those who are initially skeptical about new systems.
  17. Professional Support Services:PINpoint offers targeted services to enhance the capabilities of their system in your facility and ensure maximum benefit from the investment.
  18. Global Trust:Premier global manufacturers trust PINpoint MES for their operations, underscoring its reliability and effectiveness in diverse industrial contexts.
  19. Low-Risk Solution:PINpoint MES is presented as a low-risk, fully featured out-of-the-box product, ensuring reliability and a wide range of features.
  20. Easy Configuration:The system boasts a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, simplifying the configuration process.
  21. Installation and Validation:PINpoint assists in setting up servers, installing the software, and validating its functionality through test runs.
  22. Manufacturing Output Increase:The system is designed to remove barriers to productivity and enhance workforce engagement, giving operators better ownership of their work.
  23. Bridging Data Gaps:Specifically created to bridge the gap between PLC and ERP systems, PINpoint MES provides a more complete picture of the manufacturing process.
  24. Work Scheduling Capabilities:It allows for efficient work scheduling by calculating TAKT time and developing a production plan for each unit, with real-time progress tracking.
  25. True Capacity Understanding:The system tracks who is performing tasks on the floor, aiding in the efficient assignment of operators and identifying training needs.
  26. Expert services for Improvement:PINpoint offer expert services for continuous improvement such as HealthCheck and PASS, with periodic deep dives into data to identify further opportunities.
  27. Digital Transformation Process:PINpoint MES is central to the digital transformation process in manufacturing, with a focus on preparing and aligning all stakeholders for success.



So, what have these 27 facts taught us about PINpoint MES?

PINpoint isn’t just another MES; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers manufacturers to excel in a competitive landscape. Its user-friendly interface, robust data collection, and seamless integration capabilities stand as a testament to its leadership in enhancing manufacturing performance.

Moreover, PINpoint’s emphasis on easy configuration and rich data sets positions it as an indispensable tool for real-time decision-making and continuous improvement. It’s much more than a standard Manufacturing Execution System.



It drives Continuous Improvement!

Continuous improvement is a core principle in manufacturing, and PINpoint MES is built to support this. Its emphasis on easy configuration and rich data sets not only solves current problems but also anticipates future challenges, ensuring that manufacturing processes are always evolving and improving.



A relentless pursuit of innovation.

Our journey over the past 27 years reflects a relentless pursuit of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in manufacturing optimization. By marrying technology with practical manufacturing needs, PINpoint MES has established itself as a critical partner for manufacturers aiming to maximize efficiency, improve quality, and drive productivity. In essence, PINpoint MES is more than just software; it’s a catalyst for transformational change in the manufacturing industry, ensuring that operations are not only efficient but also future-proof in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

As we celebrate the milestones and achievements of PINpoint MES, it’s clear that its impact extends beyond mere process improvements. PINpoint has fundamentally changed how manufacturers view and leverage technology, making it an integral part of their journey towards manufacturing excellence. Join the rank of satisfied PINpoint Customers and experience the difference with our solutions. Here’s to many more years of PINpoint leading the way in the world of manufacturing execution systems!


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