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Increase Manufacturing Output with PINpoint MES 

Remove barriers standing in the way of higher productivity and greater workforce engagement. The PINpoint manufacturing execution system (MES) gives operators better ownership of their work by providing them with clear process instructions and offering direct feedback in real time.

The Reality of Continuous Operations Improvement

To win business today, manufacturers must show how they expect to get better over time. And to win repeat business, they must prove past success. Continuous improvement has always required leveraging the pillars of people, process and technology. Manufacturers on the continuous improvement pathway need technological solutions designed to coexist with—and, at times, influence—the other key pillars.

PINpoint MES bridges the gap of data and meaningful insight between your PLC and your ERP
Can Tech Really Boost Production?

Not by itself. Manufacturing Execution Systems based out of PLC data logic fall short because they don’t give you the full picture. This restricts your ability to identify hidden factory and its opportunities for game-changing improvement. Meanwhile, your production is unchanged and you’ve added an expense.

PINpoint MES is uniquely created specifically to bridge the gap of data and meaningful insight between your PLC and your ERP systems.

Here’s How PINpoint MES Impacts Operations Leaders

How PINpoint MES Impacts Operations Leaders
PinPoint MES Work Scheduling

Work Scheduling

Enter shift times and the goal for each shift and PINpoint MES takes over, calculating TAKT time and developing a production plan for each unit. Check each shift’s progress against goals in real time via PINpoint’s web-based dashboard.

PinPoint MES integration


Because PINpoint MES integrates with your existing production automation, the work executed on the floor matches what engineers define on-screen. Watch throughput improve as errors are eliminated, defects are reduced and products are routed correctly every time. 

MES Rich Data Set 

Rich Data Set

PINpoint MES collects and organizes data on every measurable variable, every second, every shift. The richness of data our unprecedented 5-Bucket Time Model collects will uncover opportunities to eliminate labor inefficiencies within and across lines.

PinPoint MES high performance

Understand True Capacity

In addition to tracking what’s happening on the floor, PINpoint MES also tracks who’s doing it. Assign operators to the workstations where they are most productive. Make a clearer case for rewarding your best performers. Identify opportunities for targeted training to those who need it.

Expert Collaboration 
Expert Collaboration 

Throughout our relationship, use the PINpoint team as your sounding board to explore your ideas for continuous improvement. In periodic reviews, our team will take a deep dive into your data to learn what’s working well and where remaining opportunities lie. We’re in this together.