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The PINpoint MES software solution is your investment in a pathway to higher quality, better efficiency and stronger growth. And we believe the path is clearer when your own site and circumstances drive the price you pay.

A PINpoint

Even though PINpoint is a no-code, out-of-the-box MES, that doesn’t mean we sell you the software and leave you hanging. Our team works side by side with yours for the long haul.

Pinpoint mes laptop pricing

10 Workstations

$3,500 / month

for an example manufacturing line with 10 workstations. Ideal for MES pilot programs or smaller lines.

Referenced in US Dollars

50 Workstations

$14,900 / month

for an example manufacturing plant with 50 workstations. Ideal for full implementation on more complex manufacturing lines.

Referenced in US Dollars

When you buy PINpoint, you get all that this MES software
solution has to offer—right away. That includes:
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PINpoint MES?

Low Risk

No science experiments or over budget custom projects. PINpoint MES is a fully featured out-of-the-box product. Created with features you know you want, and some you might not have ever thought to ask for.

Easy Configuration

Drag and drop. Plug and play. Configuring your PINpoint MES really is as easy as point-and-click. With PINpoint you don’t have to be a programmer to use the software. We put the power to configure in your hands.

Revolutionary Data Set

Account for every second of your production time for every product, every station and every Operator on the line. If you’re serious about achieving quality and efficiency gains, you need this kind of visibility over People, Process, and Technology. PINpoint MES creates revolutionary improvement opportunities.

Proven Approach

Our team works hand in hand with yours throughout preparation and launch day, as well as offering ongoing support. We have proven methodology we use over and over to help our customers achieve their manufacturing goals. We won’t stop until your system delivers results.