Standardized Work

Standardized work is at the heart of the PINpoint architecture. Our state-of-the-art web based tools allow you to define, manipulate, deploy, and enforce standardized work throughout your facilities with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

Step 1 – Standardized Work/Tasks

Define basic elements of work such as fastening, barcode scanning, gauging, printing, in-process testing, and automation interface points using the intuitive web-based interface.

Step 2 – Standardized Operations

Link defined elements into process steps, which are to be carried out. Process steps are defined by product with the ability to utilize the process steps across many products. Changing the parameters of a process step automatically updates the requirements for all products which use the same process steps.

Step 3 – Assembly Line Locations

Deploy process steps by product configuration to your assembly line using advanced drag-and-drop functionality. The plant floor is never more than one unit of production out of sync with your database configuration without performing any software restarts or error prone procedures.