Software Architecture

Seamlessly integrating your software and server architecture is the heartbeat of your MES system. Having the confidence that your system is secure, stable, scalable and flexible will guarantee your ability to improve manufacturing and overall business.

Is the Solution Flexible Enough to Move Hardware on Your Line?

Legacy PLC systems driven by I/O and expensive field-bus communication networks are an approach of the past. Previous PINpoint customers have saved enough money to pay for a PINpoint solution on architecture savings alone! Once the PINpoint MES is in place, it is extremely easy to move and accommodate changes in hardware configurations on your line, saving you money, time and resources.

Big Doesn’t have to be Slow

Running systems with databases exceeding 500MB of data is a critical responsibility. Having a best in class time-tested database design tuned to the unique requirements of a manufacturing facility is critical. Generating large reports in the office while continuing to run the production line and performing product validations in the shipping area is vital. At the same time engineers are planning the requirements of a new product variant and a quality technician is deploying a Quality Alert to the entire facility all without missing a beat. This process requires knowledge, experience, and products which focus on the manufacturing environment.

Is the System Configuration Performed Using the Latest in Web-Based Architecture?

Any forward thinking solution is configured using web browsers such as Internet Explorer, not custom proprietary software that requires per seat licensing. Access to the system for configuration and reporting must be available from any computer on the network. Utilizing high security standards with common technology such as Internet Explorer allows the flexibility of use with excellent data security.

Are the System Requirements Driven by You?

Our customers are the people that drive the system requirements. We work with customers and technology suppliers to ensure our PINpoint MES solution takes advantage of the latest in manufacturing technology today and in the future. Due to the diverse history we have in MES, we are able to share an immense amount of knowledge on how to dramatically improve your manufacturing process, which ultimately provides the best ROI.

Custom Solutions Tailored by Someone that Understands Your Process

Our customers have come to rely on our extensive experience and recommendations of solutions. We work within many different manufacturing environments that expose us to numerous challenges. This gives us the leading edge and versatility in vision and execution. Ultimately this leads to a better-built product while saving time and money.