Small companies become big companies and big companies become multi-national companies. PINpoint’s scalable MES solution will work for you whether you are assembling electronic components on a single bench or are looking for a global standard for your corporation.

Unique Cell Solution

Do you have a small application but still want to deploy a world-class system? Cost is generally the driving factor in small networks. PINpoint’s MES solution can be deployed on existing computers to leverage your present IT infrastructure, keeping costs in check.

Plant Solution

Performance and uptime are generally the driving factors in Plant Level implementations. These networks feature dedicated or virtual application, web, and database servers, network attached storage (NAS) systems, load balancers, and advanced data routing techniques.

Enterprise Solution

Expanding on the Plant Level implementation, Enterprise Level solutions feature shared server implementations and high availability environments. Specific focus on centralized application deployment, management, and reporting needs to be considered in these solutions. Secure websites, single sign-on security, and interfacing with other enterprise applications are the keys to success.