Production Monitoring and Control

Because production is the lifeline of the manufacturing industry, there is immense pressure to produce. When issues do arise the PINpoint production monitoring system has recorded usable data about every product, allowing management to quickly analyze where the issue stemmed from, who caused it, and consequently how to fix it. With PINpoint production monitoring and control you have all the capabilities to build product effectively with great efficiency. The PINpoint manufacturing execution system (MES) is the essential tool needed for any sized manufacturer to improve manufacturing operations. PINpoint is the first out-of-the-box MES system solution which both ‘monitors’ and ‘controls’ the assembly line, starting with right with the operator log in.

Knowing that your line operators are properly trained at the start of their shift via word, video or audio instructions on the PINpoint SmartScreen relieves a significant portion of the training burden that traditionally rests with production. With built in versatility reporting PINpoint SmartScreen ensures operator background checks for qualifications, as well as assignment of operators. The PINpoint manufacturing execution system will enforce shift rotations by directing line operators to their next assignment. When the workers are in place, any necessary relief of duties or needed materials can be requested via the PINpoint V5 ANDON system, which sends alerts either via LCD screens, email, or text messages. The end result of this production monitoring and control is a better communication system that allows for maximized manufacturing output.

Further, in large facilities the PINpoint V5 MES ‘Tracking’ feature proves invaluable in identifying where parts are located. Easily searching for the last station a part was at gives manufacturers the ability to find and expedite a piece that may be holding up production further down the line, dramatically improving the output of the plant.  For more information or for a demonstration of SmartScreen please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome/Log In Screen

SmartScreen and Andon Operator Interface