Production Analytics

PINpoint ultimately provides manufacturers valuable reports integral to improving manufacturing processes. The PINpoint ‘Production Analytics‘ application comes pre-loaded with many manufacturing report templates you can customize yourself, and save as favorites for daily viewing; including indispensable cycle time, andon and over-all process effectiveness (OPE) manufacturing reports (see sample reports below). Manufacturing optimization is only possible with the analysis of the data afforded by the manufacturing execution system (MES).

Manufacturing data can be queried by using either Production Analytics in the PINpoint web browser portal, or by using Production Analytics in Microsoft Excel. Both software platforms access the exact same manufacturing data captured into the PINpoint “Cube” multidimensional database. Productions Analytics feature is included with both V5ANDON and V5 MES software products. Only Production Analytics affords manufacturers the depth of manufacturing intelligence needed to properly optimize manufacturing operations.

Report Templates Included with Production Analytics

  • Daily Average Cycle Time by Station report
  • Product Average Cycle Time by Station report
  • Daily Average Cycle Time by Station Operator report
  • Daily Bypasses by Station report
  • Daily Bypasses by Reason report
  • Total Daily Exceptions report
  • Daily Exceptions by Station report
  • Product Exceptions report
  • Fastening Rundown report
  • Fastening Tool ID/Serial Number report
  • Daily Job Starts report
  • Plus many more…

All the essential manufacturing optimization tools a manufacturer needs to error-proof and improve assembly line processes is included in one package; with PINpoint there is no extensive consultation required, there is no custom PLC programming, there are no modules to add, and therefore no added labor costs are incurred. PINpoint is a value-added manufacturing execution or manufacturing operations management solution designed to be easy to use, flexible, and scalable. By simply opening a web browser on any computer, tablet or phone to access the PINpoint portal website, the user can configure any aspect of the assembly processes and timing in real time.

Production Analytics Video Demonstration

Fastening Report

Production Analytics Search Screen

Cycle Time Cluster Report

Andon Events

Andon Events Downloaded to Microsoft Excel

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