Our MES System Vision

Data collection and Error-proofing are not enough!  Knowing what PINpoint knows, this is what we would look for in a state-of-the-art MES System solution:

  • Delivers a return on investment in all departments within my facility
  • Frees up time within all departments of my facility
  • Eliminates paper from the plant floor and offices
  • Guarantees that I am making good product that is backed up by data
  • Reports on Key Performance Indicators telling me how my plant is running
  • Performs time studies with every product I make
  • Manages training requirements for my workforce
  • Integrates with other software packages that I may be using
  • Allows me flexibility to run my plant the way I want to run it, not how the system makes me run it
  • Easy, seamless implementation and scalability

If you can satisfy all of the points above then you truly have a manufacturing execution system that will not only advance your manufacturing, but your whole company in the process.

There Are Three Approaches to Selecting an MES System

Don’t Make the Wrong Choice

There are generally three approaches that can be taken when looking at MES systems. You can choose to utilize the internal resources within your facility, you can choose to outsource the work to a local company with automation and software development expertise, or you can choose a proven, turn-key, long-term solution from a company that specializes in manufacturing execution systems.

Option #1 – Internal Resources

This option has an extremely low probability of success. Internal resources may appear as the least expensive solution, but most of the time they turn out to be the most expensive. In the worst case we’ve seen, a company was developing their own system for over 10 years, had over 100 man years invested in the project, were half complete, and the tools they were using were so out of date that they couldn’t find developers with the required 10-year-old skill set. In this option the people may have tremendous knowledge of the specific plant requirements, but generally lack the necessary expertise to architect, develop, and integrate a forward thinking system.

Option #2 – Company with Automation and Software Development Expertise

Companies in this category may have talented people and experience in the manufacturing environment, however they generally lack true ability to execute and scale a long-term solution. They are happy to put together an MES solution due to their limited experience putting together automation solutions. Solutions in this category are generally one-off attempts that lack the facility-wide perspective to deliver full value throughout. The knowledge to modify and expand the solution generally resides with one or two people, which limit the long-term viability of the solution. The solutions are generally developed around and held back by the capabilities of an automation level toolset, and are not developed utilizing a best practices approach to software development.MES system

Option #3 – A Turnkey Solution from a Dedicated MES System Company

The best MES system is one which is architected, developed, and integrated by experts. PINpoint Information Systems has documented software development quality systems, rigorous testing procedures, leading-edge software expertise, a broad install base, and a deep understanding of a number of manufacturing facilities. Driven by a single-minded commitment to produce the absolute best products within our area of expertise, PINpoint makes it their business to be on the leading edge by providing products which reflect their passion for continuous improvement.

The price a customer pays for the PINpoint solution delivers unequaled return on investment (ROI) and the lowest over-all cost of ownership. Further, PINpoint is an innovator that never stands still; with frequent software versions escalating yearly the customer always benefits from the key developments in features and technology. PINpoint is the only option that insures the best technology is employed for your unique application, and therefore affords you the best value for your money, for the long-term.

PINpoint was established in 1997 with the vision to allow customers with a significant investment in electric tools to maximize their investment by unlocking the full potential of the controllers with an MES System. Nearly twenty (20) years later and PINpoint’s Proven Track Record speaks for itself. With innovations like V5 Andon and the latest version of V5 MES, the choice is clear. Working with PINpoint Information Systems delivers a robust turnkey solution for dramatically improving your manufacturing execution.