Advanced Manufacturing Operations Management Solution

There is much more to a manufacturing operations management (MOM) ‘solution’ than the products themselves; everybody knows that hardware and software are only part of the desired result. It is people who drive the technology and execution. With PINpoint you can rest assured knowing that there are accessible experts available when you need them, twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week to help you in your advanced manufacturing goals.Manufacturing success is only possible with a manufacturing execution system (MES) strategy and partner who can deliver the whole package; a turn-key, long-term focused manufacturing operations management solution that is backed-up by the most innovative manufacturing software development team in the industry.

manufacturing operations management

Who’s Looking After You?

Manufacturing Operations Management Experience

PINpoint has been on the leading edge of technology throughout the evolution of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). PINpoint is in use daily in multiple languages by leading manufacturers who have pushed the evolution of the software forward since 1997. When evaluating experience you must differentiate between how long you have been doing it, and how long you have been doing it as a market leader. Extremely high employee retention and an experienced knowledge base put PINpoint at the top of the MES category. Choose PINpoint to improve your project execution by empowering experienced personnel to help define your requirements.


People are the difference at PINpoint – when you are evaluating potential MES partners you must consider the people that will be looking after you. When you look under the covers and past the flashy sales people, you’ll find the most passionate group to architect, configure, and implement your specific solution. We believe in timely, open communication with all of our projects. Define the project together, execute the project together, and experience the project together.


We know what it’s like supporting multi-shift operations within industries that will not tolerate downtime. At PINpoint, our team that looks after your requirements have experience that is unsurpassed in the industry – experience acquired by launching projects every Easter, every summer shutdown, every Thanksgiving, and every Christmas holiday.

  • YES we have 24/7 support
  • YES you’ll speak to the same staff that implemented your system
  • YES you’ll be communicating with your contact within 10 minutes
  • YES we have access to your facility to deliver support effectively

Why PINpoint?

Every tool a manufacturer needs to improve assembly line processes is included in one turn-key package. With PINpoint there is no extensive consultation required, there is no custom PLC programming, there are no modules to add, and therefore there is no wasted time or added labor cost. By simply opening a web browser on any computer, tablet or phone to access the PINpoint portal website, the user can configure any aspect of manufacturing assembly in real time.

Contact us today to learn more about V5 ANDON, PINpoint’s latest innovation which is a cutting-edge plant floor communications, manufacturing tracking and reporting solution. For more advanced manufacturing execution system applications requiring full-process control ask about V5 MES.

For leading manufactures Worldwide PINpoint’s products are the go-to for error-proofing; and we are your go-to for the most proven, turn-key, value-added, long-term focused manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution available. Please see our Prezi presentation for more info and software screen shots below, or Contact Us for more info today: