Information Technology

The best Manufacturing Execution System (MES) dramatically improves a plant’s performance. The Information Technology (IT) team is responsible for the network infrastructure which has to be highly reliable with solid up-times, easy-to-maintain hardware, and proven configurations. The PINpoint V5 MES and V5 ANDON system software confidently deliver all of this via an industry-standard server platform that records and delivers critical information to key personnel throughout the plant.

Since the PINpoint MES is based on Ethernet connectivity, any changes to the system are quick and easy – simply move the Ethernet drop and touch screen to the updated station and you are ready to go. There is no hard wiring or bulky hardware to handle. This same lean, agile principle holds true with any V5 ANDON touchscreens and connectivity to the plant’s network.

The PINpoint system runs on an industry standard Microsoft Platform utilizing a SQL Server database and Windows Server Operating System. This eliminates the ‘custom’ hardware and software that becomes so time consuming and labor intensive with other MES systems. The PINpoint system is truly the most advanced, dependable and flexible MES on the market today, which in turn allows for minimal IT involvement.

IT Status Dashboard