Why Pinpoint Logo

Establish a Culture of Success

A Culture of Success is built upon well defined Goals, the Knowledge to support the pursuit of those Goals, the Tools to identify opportunities for improvement, Actionable Metrics that provide a real-time report card for your facility and Visibility of not only how you are running at any instant but how that will impact your operations in the future

Establish your Plan based on clearly defined Goals

Your Goal defines what you want, the Timeline defines when you want it and together they represent the Plan.  How you are performing against this Plan is visible in real-time at every station on the line or any Smart device across your enterprise

Knowledge – Work in Process Management

A Work Order can originate from ERP, a 3rd party system, a build manifest or from V5 MES.  Product Tracking in V5 MES provides visibility of every product in process whether it is in an assembly station or not, the Quality status of that product and build history as it evolves. 

Knowledge – Where is your time really going?

Allocating every second of a station’s production time into V5’s 5-Bucket model provides you with unprecedented information about the performance of your stations and lines.  Applying the 5-Bucket model allows you to quickly isolate issues, facilitate and evaluate the effectiveness of your management decisions and highlight long term trends.

Actionable Metrics

PINpoint V5 considers every action on your assembly line to provide a real-time view of your Key Performance Indicators that clearly indicate how you are running.  The V5 Dashboard identifies the moment you deviate from your plan and provides the tools to expose the circumstances behind any decline in performance.

Product Visibility

Far too often Performance is measured solely by how many products roll off the last station of an assembly line yet this only tells part of the story.  V5 MES monitors Performance at every station, the position of every product in process, the Quality status of those products and predicts what you are Likely to produce by the end of the shift.