The PINpoint Manufacturing Execution System utilizes an advanced, information rich, web-based platform that employs Ethernet connectivity to eliminate long drawn out process changes so common with legacy automation systems. The system ensures the Engineering Department’s instructions for Standardized Work are being enforced at all times, which drives continuous improvement. Because you know the time consuming, labor intensive burdens of improving your existing manufacturing and automation processes, you’ll quickly appreciate what the PINpoint MES provides. The system ensures Standardized Work is being followed, while eliminating the hassles of outdated I/O and PLC technology, which quickly moves your team to a completely paperless system.

With the PINpoint MES in place, the Engineering department gains a state-of-the-art system to enforce Standardized Work. PINpoint’s industry’s leading web interface technology allows you to quickly and easily configure your manufacturing process for maximum efficiency. By utilizing the PINpoint system you’re getting the most out of your capital investment by making sure the equipment and processes are being utilized exactly as you have specified.

With the visibility and functionality that the PINpoint system delivers, you’ll receive key reports and information in order to measure and improve production efficiency. If a change is needed, you simply change the process via the drag-and-drop web interface and all instructions are distributed and all actions recorded. Once the change is in place, you can monitor the change and measure the improvement. All of these actions and process changes set and add to baseline data so that continuous improvement is benchmarked and overall manufacturing scores are improved.

Configuration Screen – Drag and Drop Functionality

Configuration Screen – Hardware Deployment