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Introducing PINpoint Information Systems Manufacturing Execution System (MES), / Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) “Solution. The PINpoint intelligent manufacturing system is ever-evolving, and has been pushed-forward by leading manufacturers since 1997. PINpoint’s MES System software is the perfect ‘Entry Level’ into manufacturing execution systems for any manufacturer regardless of size. For larger scale or Enterprise level applications, PINpoint is the ultimate assembly line process control and monitoring system.

“We Put the Power of the System into
the Hands of the People that Need It.”
Rob MacMillan, President
PINpoint Information Systems Inc.

LEAN manufacturing is About eliminating waste, reducing cost, improving efficiency, and improving quality: PINpoint Information Systems takes you there, we have been championing continuous improvement since 1997. Intelligent manufacturing is defined; please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information.

Intelligent Manufacturing


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Launches Industry’s First Process Control System for Machining Processes

PINpoint’s groundbreaking process control system brought a comprehensive yet configurable approach to the dynamic, high speed environment of industrial assembly typically dominated by custom PLC based solutions. This standardized approach has brought a culture changing opportunity to some of the largest industrial manufactures in the world. The PINpoint solution now has been extended across the entire factory floor and the same principles of accountability are now available for machining and fabrication processes as well. In partnership with Caterpillar Corporation, PINpoint has created a system that can enforce a well defined process in machining and fabrication that can drive an improvement in quality as well as increased efficiency, operator accountability and reduced scrap.

Contact PINpoint today to schedule a demonstration of how we can drive process improvement across your entire facility while generating the vital information necessary to support progressive, proactive decision making.

PINpoint Opens Shanghai Office to Support Their Growing Business in Asia

PINpoint Information Systems is pleased to announce they have opened an office in Shanghai, China to support their growing business in Asia. PINpoint Information Systems China is located at 9/F, Tower 12, KIC III, No.333 Song Hu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200433, China

PINpoint Information Systems is a global supplier of Manufacturing Execution Systems. “As our customers expand around the world to meet the demands of the global marketplace, we have to go with them. Opening an operation in China allows us to support our customers is Asia and assures them that PINpoint is open for business anywhere they choose to grow their business: said Rob MacMillan, CEO of PINpoint Information Systems.

PINpoint is a company fully dedicated to empowering and improving manufacturing dependent businesses by providing a flexible, user friendly and incredibly powerful manufacturing execution system. The PINpoint solution is a configurable product that is unique in how it integrates the gap between the ERP layer and the equipment on the factory floor.

PINpoint Opens a New Office in Nashville, Tennessee

PINpoint Information Systems is pleased to announce that they have moved their US operations to Nashville, Tennessee area. PINpoint Information Systems USA has opened an office at 725 Cools Springs Blvd, Franklin, TN.

“PINpoint’s customers are spread across every major market in the United States but we felt the fast growing metro area of Nashville offered strong synergies for our company and provided us the opportunity to be close to many of our customers that have chosen to expand the manufacturing operations in the Southeast” said Rob MacMillan, CEO of PINpoint Information Systems.

PINpoint is a company fully dedicated to empowering and improving manufacturing dependent businesses by providing a flexible, user friendly and incredibly powerful manufacturing execution system. PINpoint’s MES is like no other and is not to be confused with an automation system. With PINpoint’s MES you receive hard data so you can make effective management decisions to improve your process and your bottom line. Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, PINpoint services industry around the globe from their offices in Canada, Franklin, Tennessee, and Shanghai, China.

Acquires PerfectPart from Esys Automation

BURLINGTON, Ontario, Dec 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — PINpoint Information Systems, Inc. Burlington, Ontario, today announced its acquisition of PerfectPart LLC., an assembly manufacturing software company, which was previously a subsidiary of Esys Automation, Auburn Hills, Michigan.

PINpoint and PerfectPart have traditionally been competitive software products in the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software market. Both focus on driving quantifiable quality and traceability improvements through a combination of electronic work instructions, work rule enforcement, and traceability, along with extensive integration to plant and business systems.
The acquisition of PerfectPart will increase PINpoint’s overall market share and offer an avenue into new manufacturing markets for PINpoint’s market leading offering in manufacturing plant floor controls and management systems. “In addition to growing our market share and dedicated customer base, we anticipate a strong strategic relationship with Esys Automation”, said Rob MacMillan, CEO of PINpoint Information Systems.

Esys Automation and PINpoint Information Systems plan to collaborate to provide world class solutions for some of industry’s leading manufacturers. This strategic relationship will leverage Esys’ extensive experience in industrial automation with PINpoint’s expertise in enterprise level deployments of plant floor controls and management systems.

“This transaction allows Esys to focus on what we do best, providing automation equipment for manufacturing. Our customers still need high level assembly software and now, together with PINpoint, we will continue to provide this software with a more focused and larger supporting cast at PINpoint”, said Chris Marcus, CEO, Esys Automation.

This collaboration brings together the best of both companies to provide industry defining solutions.