Our Proven Track Record

PINpoint Information Systems has always been an innovator in manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions. MES is not just the primary focus at PINpoint… it’s the only focus. Working with OEM customers like Caterpillar, Navistar, Perkins, Hyundai, and most recently Polaris have confirmed PINpoint’s position as a continuous improvement leader in the manufacturing industry. PINpoint Andon and MES system solutions have also played a major role at Lear, JCI, AWTEC, Magna, Automodular, Arvin Meritor, Benteler and Hamilton Sundstrand on projects that supplied content to World leading manufacturers including Nissan, Boeing, Toyota, GM, Ford and Chrysler.

With over twenty (20) years of dedicated focus on quality control and manufacturing execution systems, PINpoint has proven to be an innovative leader in the category. This proven track record has eclipsed the boundaries of the United States as PINpoint has successfully implemented projects in Canada, Mexico, China, and India; and with expansion continuing  into South America, Europe and Asia.

Not unlike continuous improvement in manufacturing, PINpoint continues an ongoing effort to improve and advance its’ software products and services. These innovations over the years and the latest product breakthroughs have solidified PINpoint’s manufacturing execution system as an Industry standard. PINpoint is the go-to manufacturing optimization tool for any sized manufacturer seeking to increase operational efficiencies and deliver a positive return on investment in-turn.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 1997


PINpoint Incorporates With a Vision to Maximize Customer Investment in Electric Tool Fastening Systems

PINpoint Information Systems Inc. is established with the vision to allow customers with a significant investment in electric tools to maximize their investment by unlocking the full potential of the controllers. With fastening data management in its infancy and the lack of a platform independent software solution available, PINpoint saw an opportunity to become an industry leader in this area. Interfacing with tool controllers allowed our customers to satisfy government legislated Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (MVSS), which forced the data collection of applied torque to critical fasteners. PINpoint’s early solutions facilitated this data collection and safely managed it, reducing liability while providing a platform for Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 1998


Lear Corporation Selects PINpoint to Develop Error Proofing and Data Management Standard for the GMT-800 Seating Platform

With successful implementations of fastening data management systems PINpoint is selected as the partner for Lear Corporation to tackle their largest contract to date – GM’s highly anticipated GMT-800 full size truck platform. PINpoint focused on developing a software based control platform to reach the highest levels of manufacturing excellence. Interfacing with an automation layer, PINpoint’s software controlled the entire manufacturing process by; tracking product on the assembly line; dynamically controlling and error-proofing build specific requirements; communicating with line operators via personal marquee displays; safely and securely managing all pertinent data as well as providing a reporting/data analysis platform for plant management.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 1999


JCI Implements PINpoint Software to Produce Seats for the Ford F-150 and Toyota Corolla Platforms

PINpoint second-generation software is utilized as a major component of the quality program at the JCI facility. The new industry-leading software incorporated our collective experience to provide quality and manufacturing engineers with the best tools to access real-time statistics and remote programming capabilities for their fastening tool controllers. When performance indicators identified part variations from incoming suppliers, engineers could react immediately and adjust tool strategies to ensure consistent quality of their product.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2000


PINpoint’s Software Install Base Expands Throughout the US, Canada and Mexico

With high satisfaction scores from existing clients, PINpoint develops a reputation of quality, service and flexibility. This leads to fast expansion and growth throughout North America, proving PINpoint’s capabilities as a true international quality and manufacturing execution solutions provider. Establishing strong project management with a more-than-capable integration and support team combined with a 24/7 commitment to customers, allowed PINpoint to rapidly expand in three countries.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2001


PINpoint Software Selected by JCI for ‘Center of Excellence’ and Manufacturing Facilities

PINpoint’s position as the leader of manufacturing execution software is solidified with JCI’s continuing expansion of PINpoint software install base within their facilities and their move to implement PINpoint software at their showcase 'Center of Excellence'. PINpoint had become a strategic business partner with the two biggest automotive interiors suppliers in the world.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2002


PINpoint’s Growth Continues in Major Automotive Component Subassemblies

Early successes and software enhancements position PINpoint as the manufacturing software of choice for complex automotive subassemblies. With demonstrated capabilities in seating, PINpoint software continues to grow and deliver value to customers that build instrument panels and suspensions for automotive platforms such as Chrysler’s 300M and GM’s Impala.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2003


PINpoint Plays a Key Role in Supplemental Restraint System Requirements on GM’s Largest Platform

Retrofitting seven plants in three countries within a period of three months, PINpoint meets aggressive timelines set by legislators for automakers to adapt proven state-of-the-art software to manufacture, calibrate, test, and manage data for Passive Occupant Detection Systems. By controlling the manufacturing process, PINpoint ensured the error proofing and traceability of pretensioners, seatbelt sensors, weight detection transducer bladders, and electronic control modules. By providing product information to custom tooling PINpoint prepared the individual calibration and test procedures for each seat, and managed all data generated by the custom tooling. Prior to shipping, PINpoint is called upon at the shipping point to make the final decision on product conformance.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2004


ArvinMeritor Selects PINpoint MES as their Corporate Solution for Suspension System Assembly

PINpoint’s software and installation track record on highly successful automotive platforms along with an intense commitment to customer service paves the way to a partnership with Arvin Meritor. As a leader in automotive suspension systems, Arvin Meritor chose PINpoint as their corporate direction for manufacturing execution software. With successful implementation on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Chrysler Neon platforms PINpoint is able to deliver a solid return on investment for Arvin Meritor.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2005


PINpoint Continues to Evolve Product Line with New “SMART” Series Software

PINpoint Information Systems continues to lead the Industry in production optimization software with its’ latest innovation the “SMART” series. SMARTbuild and SMARTscreen are poised to entice a re-thinking of how Production Engineers interact with their assembly lines. Software which empowers Production Engineers and Assembly Line workers alike. PINpoint puts the power of the system in the hands of the people who need it; a true means to continuous improvement, i.e. quantifiable, fully-accountable manufacturing practices.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2006


PINpoint Launches Touch-Screen Based Paperless Manufacturing Execution Software for a Major Automotive Sub-Supplier

PINpoint leverages decreasing prices of touch-screen technology to redefine the landscape of manufacturing execution software with SMARTScreen. Fuelled by the drive to deliver greater value to the customer coupled with an intimate knowledge of modern quality systems, PINpoint delivers on the goal of paperless manufacturing. Establishing two-way communications with each operator on the line, PINpoint software will “Tell you everything about every product you ever made, who made that product, and guarantee that person is certified to perform that job”. Living up to PINpoint’s promise without putting a single piece of paper onto the plant floor marks the beginning of a new era in manufacturing software.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2007


PINpoint’s SMARTScreen Software Steals the Show in an Unprecedented Quality Audit

One year after launching PINpoint’s pilot SMARTScreen facility PINpoint receives the successful news of a collective achievement. The very first audit passed with zero major non-conformances, zero minor non-conformances, and zero recommendations for improvement. Not only has the time of paperless manufacturing arrived, it has now been verified and documented by independent auditors to the highest standards. The news quickly spreads gaining the attention of Advanced Manufacturing magazine which chose to showcase the PINpoint application in a feature cover story shortly after.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2008


PINpoint Expands with Successful Implementations Contributing to GM’s Highly Anticipated Camaro Launch and the Entry into Transmission Remanufacturing

Tough economies bring tough choices. As manufacturers are forced to reinvent themselves, lower costs, and accomplish more with less PINpoint software is the natural choice to deliver return on investment. PINpoint’s SMARTScreen manufacturing software is selected by two separate facilities, which assemble five major components of GM’s highly anticipated Camaro. With a proven history coupled with a unique perspective on manufacturing and a passion for execution PINpoint’s flexible, stable and easy-to-use MES displaces out of date, cumbersome solutions.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2009


Caterpillar Selects PINpoint Software as their Global Strategy for Plant Floor Fastening Solutions

Caterpillar’s corporately appointed team consisting of fastening engineers, manufacturing software specialists and global IT representatives selects PINpoint software as their global strategy for their plant floor fastening solution. After performing exhaustive analysis of all viable options PINpoint was selected as the solution with the fastest return on investment, best in class performance, and the most agile company capable of supporting Caterpillar’s needs. Early and continued success quickly elevated PINpoint to a Strategic Partner level within Caterpillar.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2010


PINpoint Expands with Caterpillar, Adds the Chevy Cruze Suspension Platform and Takes to the Skies with Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner

With the economic recession still underway PINpoint has continued to provide the best manufacturing software with customer-focused service for clients ranging from off road and heavy equipment, to automotive and aerospace. By expanding resources and increasing sales channels throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Europe, PINpoint continues to be on the leading edge of technology with a complete focus on the perfection of manufacturing execution software.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2011a


PINpoint Expands into the Powersport Sector with a Partnership with Mercury Marine

PINpoint Information Systems is proud to announce their partnership with Mercury Marine from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. PINpoint will be providing manufacturing systems to manage assembly operations at the Mercury facilities in Wisconsin and Suzhou, China. Mercury is a world leading manufacturer of marine engines for personal, commercial and government use under the Mercury brand as well as racing engines by Mercury Racing. Mercury Marine is part of the Brunswick family of companies based in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2012


PINpoint is Chosen to Control the Fastest Moving Automotive Assembly Line in North America

Hyundai Motor Company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea has chosen to PINpoint Information Systems to expand their process control strategies at their fast paced Montgomery, Alabama assembly plant. The PINpoint solution balances the challenges of extensive product variation and need to accommodate North America’s fastest line speeds with Hyundai’s relentless pursuit of perfection. PINpoint software creates a closed loop of accountability for fastening operations on every vehicle on the line without interrupting the production of these popular vehicles.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2013


PINpoint Expands Its Global Presence with Projects in China, Thailand and India

Manufacturing is a global business and PINpoint Information Systems is committed to follow their customers anywhere in the world they choose to establish manufacturing operations. PINpoint’s operations in Asia are supported from their office in Shanghai, China. Through a combination of direct employees, agents and distributor partners, PINpoint provides the support required to insure their customers are successful no matter where they are. PINpoint’s success stories currently include engine, transmission, heavy equipments and component assembly facilities across this fast growing marketplace.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2014


Caterpillar Goes Electric with PINpoint MES Error-proofing Directing Assembly

Caterpillar Corporation has announced that they will release the world's first diesel-electric hybrid powertrain for their D7E Track-type Tractor and PINpoint will manage the vitally important assembly operations. The latest PINpoint software incorporates expanded Work Order management to schedule and sequence multiple sub-assemblies over sophisticated composite routes to insure the highest levels of quality of Caterpillar's latest flagship product. The innovative diesel electric powertrain is designed to burn considerably less fuel as well as consume fewer fluids and parts to reduce the overall cost of ownership. The D7E is most certainly a look into the future.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2014


Perkins Engine Expands to India and Deploys PINpoint's Manufacturing Execution System

Perkins has invested in a brand new assembly plant in Aurangabad, India to manufacture their 4000 series diesel engines and has chosen PINpoint to manage their assembly operations. PINpoint software insures the quality of every engine while accommodating the challenges of extensive product variation and the need to sequence multiple sub-assemblies. PINpoint software provides a consistent approach to quality across the entire facility while maintaining the ultimate in system flexibility. Perkins India plans to manufacture 5,000 engines per year for their electric power customers across the Asia Pacific region.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2014


PINpoint Software is Chosen to Manage the Assembly of the High Performance Engine for the Ford GT Supercar

Performance Assembly Systems of Livonia, Michigan has chosen PINpoint Information Systems to provide a software solution to manage the assembly of the twin turbo-charged 3.5L EcoBoost V6 power plant for the new Ford GT Supercar. PINpoint will manage and document all aspects of this intricate process guiding the operator through every step of the assembly including precision part and bore diameter matching. A Birth History is created for every engine verifying the successful completion of every process step and capturing all assembly data. The 600 horsepower engine will be married with a 7-speed semi-automatic transmission to propel the aluminum and carbon fiber GT from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.

Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2014


PINpoint’s New V5 Software Enables a Culture of Manufacturing Success for a World Leading All-terrain Vehicle Manufacturer

PINpoint proved to Polaris Industries that there is much more to plant floor communications or Andon than just stacklights and push buttons. PINpoint enabled the leading manufacturer to establish a new culture of manufacturing success by instilling full-accountability into their manufacturing operations. PINpoint introduced the leading manufacturer to a methodology of knowledge-based production founded on measured quality and efficiency data visualized into an easy to understand dashboard. PINpoint V5 ANDON and V5 MES software products empowered Polaris Industries to accurately quantify what was happening on their assembly line with detailed performance metrics of both their team's and machine's activities. PINpoint’s Production Analytics provided business and manufacturing intelligence integral to help them maximize product quality and manufacturing efficiency. Once implemented, PINpoint V5 instantly afforded Polaris Industries with live manufacturing data, including cycle time/Takt, Goal Plan Actual, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and many more reports they now access daily from a website on any device ensuring continuous improvement initiatives are current.


Continuous Improvement PINpoint 2018


V5 MES Empowers Prominent Chinese Heavy Truck Manufacturer to Increase Product Quality and Assembly Line Efficiency

Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC) is making the “Made in China 2025” strategy a reality with PINpoint’s V5 MES plant floor management solution. JMC’s forward-looking approach to manufacturing keeps them focused on innovation, and the latest technologies to maximize the quality of their heavy trucks, and the efficiency in which they are built. Prior to implementing PINpoint’s V5 MES, JMC managed its plant floor the traditional way, with manual paper-based processes. Realizing the inefficiencies inherent to paper based work instructions and record keeping, JMC embraced PINpoint’s manufacturing execution system (MES) as their means to be more productive and to reduce product assembly errors. V5 MES provided the heavy truck manufacturer with a manufacturing operations management (MOM) strategy they can live with, and can grow with indefinitely due to V5 MES software’s flexibility and scalability. PINpoint ensures JMC only ships quality products, built on time, and with the least amount of waste in man-hours and materials. V5 MES manages JMC’s endless variation of vehicle identification numbers (VIN) which correlate to the unique features of each vehicle, including their customizable cabs (made-to-order). With full-accountability in their manufacturing processes enforced by PINpoint, JMC is leading by example to help make “Made in China 2025” an obtainable goal.


PINpoint is Redefining OEE as a Measure that Actually Can Guide Your Business

Over-all Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is an important part of most company's plant management strategy. It is made up of three (3) quotients: Performance, Quality and Availability. The problem is most OEE systems lack the granularity to tell the story of what is really happening on your plant floor. To make it worse, in most plants these metrics come from different systems that have no knowledge of each other.

PINpoint is now evolving their comprehensive OEE solution based on the foundation of their world leading MES product that not only provides laser focused insight into what is happening at every station on the line in real time, it also combines knowledge of process, defects, rejects and overrides to provide a real-time OEE based on the simple premise of whether a product is in a state where it can be shipped or not.

All data is stored in a server database and staged in analytic cubes to be played back in the PINpoint 'Dashboard' website, which is accessible anytime from the cloud on any computer or wireless device. This affords Plant Managers or Manufacturing Engineers an at-a-glance view of how their assembly line is really performing, to learn and know exactly where your problems happened, the cascading impact of those issues, and how you can act to resolve them. PINpoint's real-time OEE is about to redefine how you view plant floor efficiency.

To learn more about how PINpoint is "Establishing a Culture of Manufacturing Success" please view our Prezi:
Establishing a Culture of Manufacturing Success! PINpoint V5 MES / Manufacturing Execution System + Andon System