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Manufacturing Execution System PPT

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For over twenty (20+) years PINpoint has worked alongside world leading manufacturers to help them to think differently about how they build their products, and manage their teams.
To learn about the latest features and benefits of PINpoint’s V5 MES / manufacturing execution system and V5 Andon system software products see the manufacturing execution system ppt PowerPoint presentation.

manufacturing execution system ppt

manufacturing execution system ppt

• PINpoint helps its clients to instill a new culture of manufacturing excellence in their operations based on a closed-loop of accountability; based on facts, not assumptions, to maximize the effectiveness of their decision making.
• PINpoint’s latest software version 5.2 (V5) enables small to large sized manufacturers to gain instant visibility into how their operations are really running; with real-time reports including OEE metrics live-streamed right to any wireless device.
• If your goal is world class quality, it is not reasonable to think it will happen on its own.
• You need a clearly defined strategy, you need to methodically execute that strategy with discipline to make your goals a reality.
• V5 ANDON provides the most modern plant floor communication and efficiency reporting system in the marketplace today; but, if you also need to drive world class quality, you need more. You need PINpoint’s proven manufacturing execution system, V5 MES – see the latest screen shots in the manufacturing execution system ppt.
• V5 MES / manufacturing execution system, and V5 ANDON system software are tools for everyone in the plant to use in the pursuit of world class quality.

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