Introducing Andon 3D Error-proofing User Interface


Andon 3D by PINpoint Information Systems is a modern twist on assembly line operator user interfaces. Andon 3D is not your traditional HMI or SCADA, it is an error-proofing solution overseeing manufacturing operations and the actions of the line operator. It operates above or next to HMI and SCADA; and unlike those traditional systems, Andon 3D is the ultimate plant floor communication, product tracking and manufacturing reporting system essential for improving manufacturing efficiencies.

At the foundation of the Andon 3D technology is PINpoint’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a long-term proven website based configurable plant floor management solution. Andon 3D includes many of the features found in PINpoint’s MES system, which makes it the ideal entry to develop your future manufacturing execution system strategy. PINpoint includes all the manufacturing optimization tools you need in a turn-key paperless manufacturing solution, starting with SmartBuild. Simply open the SmartBuild website to visualize and configure your assembly line in real-time from any computer, tablet or Smartphone.

Line operators interact with their own SmartScreen touch displays at each work station. It provides the line worker information she/he needs to complete assembly process steps, and the timing. It also presents the line worker with andon help buttons for when issues arise, as when time is running out, in order to call for help to avoid a line stoppage. Please see Figure 1 for additional SmartScreen features:


Figure 1. Andon 3D error-proofing SmartScreen user interface example.

The first order of error-proofing at any station is the verification of ‘who’ is working there (logged in), or not. Immediately the system can determine whether that operator is even qualified to do the tasks at hand; if they are, the system allows them to proceed and provides work instructions.

If we dig deeper we can extract even more details about the efficiency of the work station and line operator. For example, if an operator is not logged in at their work station when a product is available to be worked on, would you not want to know why? Alternatively, if an operator is logged in at their station, and no product is available to be worked on, then why or how did that happen? Only Andon 3D can give you the insight required to identify such time depleting details of cycle time that ultimately accumulate and cause over-cycle events.

All the data or interactions of the line operator with the SmartScreen user interface are monitored and recorded, and can be reported on using Andon 3D’s Production Analytics feature. It is the manufacturing intelligence afforded by the Andon 3D system that leads to the implementation of effective continuous improvement initiatives. All plant floor communications and product data are captured into the PINpoint “Cube” multi-dimensional database, which is manipulated easily in a web browser or by using Microsoft Excel with Production Analytics to report on a multitude of manufacturing operations specifics, right down to cycle-time losses.

Production Analytics gives you valuable insight into where it is your cycle time is going, how it is being allocated, and how it can be improved to the finest detail. It allows you to find out exactly where it is on your assembly line bottlenecks in time are occurring, and who caused them. This vital information allows the manufacturer to take decisive actions to remedy the issue, be it re-allocating cycle time elsewhere, or process steps to another station. Andon 3D is a flexible and scalable error-proofing solution that adapts to your unique manufacturing processes; it gives you the visibility needed to make changes in real-time that impact your bottom line instantly.

Andon 3D Error-proofing Software

PINpoint’s Andon 3D and manufacturing execution system (MES) called MES PRO have been developed since 1997 and continue to be evolved and pushed-forward by leading manufacturers. Thoroughly proven our software is in use daily around the World in multiple languages by leading automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, agricultural, power sports vehicle manufacturers and more. PINpoint software is meticulously designed and tested to ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’ (ITIL) standards before any official version release. Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, PINpoint services industry internationally from their offices in Canada, the United States, and China. For more information, please call: +1 (905) 639-8787, email: or visit:


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PINpoint Andon 3D Product Brochure

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VIDEO: PINpoint MES System Production Analytics Demonstration – Part 3 (Valuable Reports)

PINpoint ultimately provides our clients valuable manufacturing reports integral to improving manufacturing processes. PINpoint ‘Production Analytics‘ comes pre-loaded with many manufacturing reports you can customize yourself, and save as favorites for daily viewing, including indispensable Cycle Time reports, Andon and OPE reports (see example Figure 1).


manufacturing reports

Manufacturing Reports Video

PINpoint manufacturing intelligence reports demonstrated in Part 3 of the Production Analytics Demonstration video below:

+ Daily Average Cycle Time by Station Report
+ Product Average Cycle Time by Station Report
+ Daily Average Cycle Time by Station Operator Report
+ Daily Bypasses by Station Report
+ Daily Bypasses by Reason Report
+ Total Daily Exceptions Report
+ Daily Exceptions by Station Report
+ Product Exceptions Report
+ Fastening Rundown Report
+ Fastening Tool ID/Serial Number Report
+ Daily Job Starts Report
+ And Many More Manufacturing Reports


Manufacturing optimization is only possible with the analysis of the data or manufacturing reports afforded by the manufacturing execution system. PINpoint is the only out of the box MES system that both ‘monitors’ and ‘controls’ the assembly line, all data which is captured in the PINpoint “Cube” multidimensional database for manipulation by the software’s Production Analytics feature.

Every tool a manufacturer needs to improve assembly line processes is included in the package; with PINpoint there is no extensive consultation required, there is no custom PLC programming, there are no modules to add, and therefore no added labor cost. By simply opening a web browser on any computer, tablet or phone to access the PINpoint portal website, the user can configure any aspect of assembly in real time. For leading manufactures Worldwide PINpoint is the go-to error-proofing system; it is a proven, turn-key, value-added, long-term manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution.

Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, PINpoint services industry internationally from their offices in Canada, the United States, and China. For more information please call: +1 (905) 639-8787, email: or visit:


See the “Why PINpoint?” prezi presentation here: