Evolution of the Andon System

PINpoint continues to evolve its time proven manufacturing software with the addition of Andon system functionality into SmartScreen, the station level software that station operators interact with daily. SmartScreen touch displays are vital to the error-proofing solution; each and every configured user, be it line worker, area supervisor or plant manager is guided by them. When an operator first logs in at their station SmartScreen identifies who the person is, and verifies whether they are qualified to do the work assigned. If the worker is not certified or trained to perform the process steps SmartScreen will not allow the worker to proceed, and tools or any connected devices will remain off or locked.

Once a station operator is verified they are presented with all the information they need to complete their tasks, starting with paperless work instructions and quality alerts; SmartScreen is the workers personal guide to complete the process steps in the cycle or TAKT time allotted. As work proceeds and issues arise, the Andon system functions are prominently displayed on the SmartScreen (see Figure 1.). As shown the SmartScreen is quite informational and interactive, it is designed to lead its user in the most efficient manner to complete process steps and resolve issues quickly on-the-fly. As problems happen the line operator has multiple Andon system functions to choose from; a ‘red’ attention button can be pressed for critical problems requiring a line interruption; or a ‘yellow’ button to call for supervisor help, and when materials are low a ‘blue’ button is easy to spot and press.andon system

Figure 1. PINpoint SmartScreen Andon System

You can also add custom buttons; PINpoint is a ‘configurable’ web based manufacturing execution system, therefore the Andon system and all components of SmartScreen can be customized for your unique manufacturing environment. Once pressed a number of notifications can be triggered, including the turning on of stack lights, and/or alerts can be displayed on big screens for all to see (with colors, graphics or video to draw attention); also audible notifications, email and text messages can be sent. Further, the PINpoint Andon system is much more than push buttons and stack lights, it can be configured to raise notifications on its own, in addition to the manual inputs by the station operator.

Should a line worker for example fall behind in completing their process steps, the system can be configured to raise a Cycle Time ‘Warning’ Event. Essentially as cycle time is depleted and the SmartScreen tracks the line operators progress, a time threshold can be configured to raise a notification alarm before the issue escalates further; a warning to inform both the operator of their situation and to draw attention to the area line supervisor for help. A Cycle Time ‘Over’ Event is also configurable, should the line operator not complete the process steps in the configured cycle time a notification can be raised.

The configurablility of the Andon system or manufacturing execution system is as easy as opening a web browser to access the PINpoint portal; from there the process engineer can configure the assembly line and process steps timing using ‘SmartBuild‘, schedule production with ‘Scheduler‘, verify product status and location with ‘Tracking‘, and access manufacturing intelligence with ‘Production Analytics’. With Production Analytics you output reports crucial to improving assembly processes, including Andon Analytics (see Figure 2.):


Andon System

Figure 2. Andon System Analytics


Changes and tracking are in real time, and all of these features and more are provided in one package, making PINpoint the most value-added Andon system and manufacturing execution system on the market – everything a manufacturer needs to optimize their operations is available out-of-the-box, PINpoint is a long-term proven solution that is designed to be flexible and scalable to grow with you as your manufacturing operations expand into the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact PINpoint with any questions, please call: (905) 639-8787, or email: sales@pinpointinfo.com or visit: http://pinpointinfo.com/


Interactive Presentation: https://prezi.com/adp9dhp3vgn0/why-pinpoint-manufacturing-execution-system-mes-manufacturing-operations-management-mom-solutions/

Production Analytics Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLAGW_6faiM&list=PLvRjiER8QiZo3CyNn-i9Pc7oAxT7M65Ig

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