New to Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software? Savvy Manufacturers Think Flexibility and Scalability, They Think Long-Term!

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions with the capabilities to both “Monitor and Control” the manufacturing assembly line are the cutting-edge in web-based configurable plant floor management systems. If you are new to MES systems and regardless of the size of your operation or complexity, i.e. whether your assembly line today is automated or not, with full-process control or no controls whatsoever, PINpoint MES/MOM need be considered since it is the only MES/MOM designed to match and expand on your production monitoring and process control requirements as your manufacturing operations grow long-term.

Developed over two decades with hundreds of man years invested, PINpoint’s software development team of Information Technology and Manufacturing Process Engineers have evolved PINpoint MES/MOM to be the most powerful manufacturing execution system on the market; now in Version release 4.8 it is by far the most proven manufacturing optimization software capable of managing even the most complex “Make-to-Order” or “Configure-to-Order” manufacturing operations. It is the corporate standard for leading manufacturers in the automotive, heavy machinery, aerospace and power sports vehicle sectors.

Why PINpoint? Regardless of the size of your manufacturing operations, PINpoint is designed to fit. For those manufactures new to MES systems, PINpoint is the ideal starting point or entrance level MES. Essential Production Management-MES (EPM-MES) is PINpoint’s fundamental MES system which is designed as a software foundation you can build on into the future (software versions are continually evolving). Also, included in the entry level EPM-MES product, as well as in their full-process monitoring and control version called Optimized Full Process-MOM (OFP-MOM) is the manufacturing industries next Andon innovation.

PINpoint’s ‘Next-Gen Andon’ is included standard and is a notable value-added feature. PINpoint has evolved Andon manufacturing into the digital age; more than just ‘push buttons’ and ‘stack lights’ Next-Gen Andon is the ultimate production scheduling, tracking, and reporting system. PINpoint has modernized the ability to notify management, maintenance, and other workers of quality or process problems and made it full-proof; it achieves full-accountability in manufacturing by maximizing error-proofing.

Next-Gen Andon is only one of the many powerful software programs included standard in the base EPM-MES version. It and all the other software programs are easily accessible in a drag-and-drop / WYSIWYG user interface; simply open up a website browser on any laptop, tablet or Smartphone to configure your assembly line, schedule production, track products, access manufacturing reports and more. PINpoint EPM-MES allows manufacturers to:

  • Create Work Orders, or import them seamlessly from your Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) system.
  • Schedule Production, set TAKT time, Goals Planned Actual (GPA), monitor and report on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Verify Production, interface with line workers, confirm qualifications, progress, catch defects as they happen; control devices, e.g. lock out a fastening tool if multiple errors occur and send an alert.
  • Track Products or serial numbers in real-time, right down to their physical location on the assembly line.
  • Manage Andon, display easy to understand information on large screens with text, graphics and video; and send critical alerts to email/text.
  • OPTIMIZE with provided Production Analytics Manufacturing Intelligence.

For larger or more advanced manufacturing enterprises with full-process controlled assembly lines PINpoint recommends its’ Optimized Full Process-MOM solution. OFP-MOM’s all-encompassing manufacturing execution capabilities allow for the paperless manufacturing management and process control of even the most complex ‘Make-to-Order’ or ‘Configure-to-Order’ manufacturing lines. From Work Order creation to Finished Product, regardless of the number of products or serial numbers, or process steps (including sub-assemblies), you can see and manage all aspects of the operation in real-time. And given ALL of the manufacturing data is recorded and accessible via a multi-dimensional database, real-time Manufacturing Intelligence allows for timely manufacturing optimization via viewable/printable reports.


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Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, PINpoint services industry internationally from their offices in Canada, the United States, and China. For more information please see the ‘Why PINpoint?’ presentation here: or please feel free to contact Anthony at

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