What is 20-20 Hindsight Worth in Manufacturing Management?

What is 20-20 Hindsight Worth in Manufacturing Management? How many times now have manufacturers put into action a plan, invested millions of dollars in equipment or infrastructure, yet did not yield the desired or required result in retrospect? What was the true value of the set-back when you factor in all the variables of time, materials, market share, and team morale losses? Sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, perhaps one that came from the recommendations of others, or was developed on their own, but somehow failed. Was more research and planning needed, testing – how could the poor result have been different?


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It seems this happens a lot, and many times is not due to unpreparedness either; it can just be simply the awareness of the right solution or technology was not realized at that moment. How about the opposite scenario; where the idea is good, the research/planning and testing indicate it will work, which leads to the investment and implementation and realization it is proven a great success story? Naturally it is the ideal, and those involved are hailed and the manufacturing company grows; waste is reduced, quality parts are made, personnel are empowered, and brand share increased.

What if you as a manufacturer today, and in your present continuous improvement dilemma can have access to the information successful companies have used to achieve their goals? What if you mirrored their methods, would you also be successful? It is very likely because 20-20 hindsight is extremely valuable in manufacturing, and life in general. Do not repeat the things others do wrong, learn from them and improve. What hindsight is worth to you is exactly what you may lose in time, money, employee morale, market share, etc., if you choose incorrectly.

We thrive to share that the information and methodologies needed to achieve truly quantifiable continuous improvement results in manufacturing can be yours now. Some of the largest leading manufacturing companies in the world, those who rely on the hand assembly of critical parts, rely on line operators; such as those in the Automotive, Heavy Machinery, Aerospace, White Goods, and Furniture industries (discrete/batch process manufacturers) for years now have been empowered and continually improving due to the plant floor control software PINpoint Information Systems has perfected since 1997.

“What is 20-20 Hindsight Worth?”

Think about what you do not know right now; the knowledge missing to ‘maximize’ your chance for manufacturing success. What if you can have this knowledge today, the methodologies others have already tried and proved (but without the losses or set-backs they incurred)? Should you reach out to learn more, research further, to consider all the modern LEAN manufacturing management tools available to guarantee continuous improvement? The answer is yes, always ask questions and surely you will be educated and better capable of making the right process improvement decisions to ensure success.


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