Advanced Manufacturing Article Highlighting PINpoint Information Systems

PINpoint Advances Automation Technology

The Smart Factory by advanced manufacturing magazine highlights manufacturing automation technology of the future:

“…in order to maintain their quality commitment to Ford for assembling key automotive components, Automodular needed to make sure that all their people not only were fully qualified and certified for the processes they performed, but also that each person had all the information needed to assemble each part, at the right time!”

automation technology

MES/MOM Software

By implementing a MES/MOM to manage every manufacturing operation the customer was enabled to achieve the highest level of error-proofing to produce a quality product while keeping costs down. A manufacturing execution system or manufacturing operations management is essential for any manufacturer large or small to fully-optimize their assembly line. MES/MOM improves quality by instilling a culture of accountability into manufacturing; it empowers manufacturers to maximize process step error-proofing.

LEAN manufacturing is About eliminating waste, reducing cost, improving efficiency, and improving quality: PINpoint Information Systems takes you there, they’ve been championing “Continuous Improvement” since 1997. Developed over two decades with hundreds of man years invested, PINpoint’s software development team of Information Technology and Manufacturing Process Engineers have advanced manufacturing and have evolved PINpoint MES/MOM to be the most powerful manufacturing execution system on the market. Now in Version release 4.8 it is by far the most proven manufacturing optimization software capable of managing even the most complex “Make-to-Order” or “Configure-to-Order” manufacturing operations.

Thoroughly proven PINpoint is in use daily around the World in multiple languages by leading automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, agricultural, and power sports vehicle manufacturers. The software is meticulously designed and tested to ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’ (ITIL) standards before any official version release. Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, PINpoint services industry internationally from their offices in Canada, the United States, and China. For more information please Anthony at

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