Quality Control

When it comes to quality control the Quality Manager’s role is critical to the overall success of the manufacturing process. Delivering tightly defined procedures to personnel that are certified to do the job is a key component of the PINpoint Manufacturing Execution System (MES). With the power to send instructions in a paperless format via words, images or videos to one, multiple or all workstations gives you the perfect platform to ensure you are shipping error-free product. With digitally recorded operator management in place, you’ll know your key instructions are being delivered, reviewed and used at all times.

PINpoint’s V5 MES guarantees your procedures are being adhered to 365 days a year, which alleviates the stress and extra hours traditionally associated with third-party certification audits. Because the PINpoint system is constantly directing and recording all events in the manufacturing process you’re always delivering product that is 100% compliant. This leads to documented continuous improvement and stronger audit scores without the traditional ‘ramping up’ period before the auditors arrive.

Finally, with detailed auditing capabilities providing up-to-the-minute reports on defects and out-of-process conditions, the PINpoint MES allows situations to quickly be rectified, which positions the line for maximum efficiency. Ultimately the PINpoint organizes, improves and simplifies the process of quality control and measurably improves first run capability metrics and repair facility success.

Quality Control Starts with SmartScreen

By simply opening a website browser manufacturers can configure their assembly line in real time. Access all the features of both Andon 3D and MES PRO from the PINpoint portal; including SmartBuild to configure your assembly line and process steps, and SmartScreen to configure your quality control system:

Quality Alerts Display at Each Line Operator’s SmartScreen

Once configured, quality alerts are sent to each and every line operator work station for display on their SmartScreen instantly: