Plant Management

The PINpoint Manufacturing Execution System drives a positive culture-change throughout the plant offering a true paradigm shift from historical cumbersome production and automation models. The system delivers a real time, paperless platform that is visible and accessible from the Plant Manager through to the production lines. It records and processes information that allows key people to close the loop on identified issues resulting in measurable continuous improvement. The PINpoint MES is the perfect tool to give you visibility to your production lines while allowing you to focus on running your plant at maximum efficiency.

Setting and tracking your key performance indicators gives you a clear vision if manufacturing goals are being met. Having this valid, useable, up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips provides you the data to ensure your facility is working at top capacity at all times.

Because communication is the key to success, the PINpoint system allows you to deliver plant-wide messages via audio, video, word or imagery. This is perfect for communicating overall performance messages, holiday wishes and other key motivating points to your team.

The PINpoint system not only gives you strong tools to monitor plant success, it delivers incredible functionality and ease of use that enables each one of your departments to drive continuous improvement which leads to better product 365 days a year. All of this guarantees a far more effective manufacturing environment that is focused on improving overall plant ROI.

PINpoint Integrated ANDON

PINpoint - Integrated ANDON