True Paperless Manufacturing

A leading feature and benefit of PINpoint’s manufacturing execution system (MES) solution lies in delivering paperless manufacturing which provides tremendous value to any facility’s manufacturing and quality systems. PINpoint’s paperless manufacturing or MES implementations are routinely audited to the highest quality standards in manufacturing by leading registrars.

Paperless Manufacturing
Paperless Manufacturing IT

Information Technology

With Ethernet connectivity, any changes to the system are quick and easy – simply move the Ethernet drop and touch screen to the updated station and you are ready to go.

The PINpoint system runs on an industry standard Microsoft Platform utilizing a SQL Server database and Windows Server Operating System. This eliminates the labour-intensive ‘custom’ hardware and software.

Paperless Manufacturing HR

Human Resources

Manage your workforce and control all qualifications as they pertain to your plant floor personnel – from line operators to supervisors.

Greatly simplified the work required to create and maintain training records for your operators. Instantly know the training status for all operators and be assured your requirements are being enforced.

Paperless Manufacturing PM

Plant Management

Keep your plant running at the highest level with plant floor visibility through key performance indicators, production reports, and vertical integration of the manufacturing execution system solution with your business software.

Paperless Manufacturing Engineering


Design your manufacturing process with drag-and-drop functionality within a web browser. This includes the deployment of hardware and error-proofing requirements for each station and product.

Full reporting capabilities put you in a position of knowledge. Production reports, product reports including birth history, and quality reports are at your fingertips from any computer on the network.

Paperless Manufacturing Quality


Greatly simplify the overhead of managing your Quality Systems and ensure its maximum effectiveness with electronic delivery and confirmation of quality documentation.

Eliminate the struggle of audit preparation with confidence that the latest work instructions and quality alerts are at your operator’s fingertips.

Paperless Manufacturing Production


Knowing that your operators are properly trained at the start of their shift via word, video or audio instructions on the PINpoint SmartScreen relieves a significant portion of the training burden that traditionally rests with Production.

When production issues do arise, the PINpoint paperless manufacturing or manufacturing execution system has recorded usable data about every product, allowing Production to quickly analyze where the issue stemmed from and consequently how to fix it.

Paperless Manufacturing Assembly1

Create production baselines by establishing target cycle times with resolution down to each standard element of work based on product type.

In real time measure the efficiency of each operator so any necessary improvements can be implemented.

Paperless Manufacturing Assembly2

Control manufacturing requirements on an individual product basis including all error-proofing requirements and build recipes in the form of standardized work.

Confirm completion of all required tasks with detailed real-time data from the plant floor.

Paperless Manufacturing Assembly3

Deliver quality alerts, work instructions and training videos to the plant floor where operators are required to view the documentation and accept its receipt prior to working on your product.

Receive electronic confirmation that operators working at each station have reviewed and acknowledged all required quality alerts, work instructions, and training videos.

Paperless Manufacturing Assembly4

Electronically create station qualifications and enforce specific plant/station requirements by preventing operators from participating in the build process.

Minimize liability and insurance costs by preventing unauthorized people from participating in the production process.

Paperless Manufacturing Andon


Know what is happening and measure key performance indicators in real time with plant floor LCD displays as well as text and email notifications.