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    Do you struggle to meet your customer’s growing demands for process control with your standard PLC controls infrastructure?

  • Why not turn every profit killing customer demand into a viable selling opportunity and a chance to separate your solution from that of your competitor’s

  • Would your customers be better served by a custom PLC development or a proven, web-configurable ‘Product’ that is the standard for some of the largest industrial manufacturers in the world

Introducing PINpoint MES!

Global competition is demanding that all manufacturers take quality and efficiency more seriously. This is leading your customers to demand more from their approach to process control. Gone are the days of simply counting discreet inputs in a PLC. The world of MES is evolving quickly and customer often struggle to articulate exactly what they want in a process control system. More often that not, this leads to expensive scope creep and evaporating profits. Why struggle in the world of custom PLC solutions when you can configure a comprehensive ‘product’ that can meet customer demands today and in the future. PINpoint MES Essentials and MES Expert are the result of almost 20 years experience and hundreds of man years of development. These products are being driven forward by the investment of some of the largest industrial manufacturers in the world. Why battle to compete when you can purchase peace of mind.

PINpoint Expert

Benefits of PINpoint MES

Out of the Box Solution

Why wrestle with a custom solution when you can use a web-configurable product that is running in hundreds of plants around the world. Andon, Production Monitoring or full Process Control. PINpoint has the solution for you.

User Configurable

Our visual ‘wysiwyg’ configuration system extends management of the system beyond expensive controls engineering resources. Imagine if your customer could maintain their plant floor control system on their own?

Cost Effective Architecture

Our Microsoft based platform means no proprietary software or hardware required. Every dollar you spend delivers value to your customer.

Low Risk Solution

Interpreting customer requirements is always difficult. Every mistake or miscommunication means costly changes. PINpoint has heard it all before. Just open a web browser to change some settings and make a happy customer.

A Platform You Can Trust

PINpoint is the global standard for some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Our product is evolving under the demands of these companies every single day. Why try to invent what you can buy?

It’s All About the $

Staying competitive means always looking for new opportunities. Increase your margins by being a power user of the PINpoint system not an inventor of a custom solution.

About PINpoint

PINpoint Information Systems has always been an innovator in manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions with their long-term proven web based ‘configurable’ plant floor management system. Manufacturing optimization is not just the primary focus at PINpoint… it’s the only focus. Lean manufacturing is about eliminating waste, reducing cost, improving efficiency, and improving quality: PINpoint Information Systems takes you there, we’ve been championing “Continuous Improvement” since 1997.

Working with OEM customers like Caterpillar, Navistar, Perkins and Hyundai have confirmed PINpoint’s position as a leader in the industry. PINpoint Andon and MES solutions have also played a major role at Lear, JCI, CalsonicKansei, AWTEC, Magna, Automodular, Arvin Meritor, Benteler and Hamilton Sundstrand on projects supplying content to world leader manufacturers Nissan, Toyota, GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Boeing.

With nearly twenty (20) years of dedicated focus on quality control and lean manufacturing, PINpoint has proven to be an innovative leader in the manufacturing execution system or manufacturing operations management category. This proven track record has eclipsed the boundaries of the United States as PINpoint has successfully implemented projects in Canada, Mexico, China, and India; and with expansion continuing in South America, Europe and Asia.

If you are looking for the best MES solution to increase manufacturing efficiencies and deliver a positive return on investment then there’s only one choice… PINpoint Information Systems.