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    In your world does Andon mean push-buttons and stack lights?

  • Andon 3D PINpoint

    Does TAKT time monitoring mean a plant wide egg timer?

  • Andon 3D PINpoint

    Garbage In =
    Garbage Out

    Do you really know what your OEE numbers are trying to tell you?

Andon 3D PINpoint

Introducing PINpoint Andon 3D

From OEE to Waterfall Reports, operating efficiency is the focus of any good manufacturing operation. The problem is that most manufacturing management systems lack the sophistication to generate data with the resolution to provide meaningful metrics from the shop floor. Andon 3D is the ultimate manufacturing communications, tracking and reporting solution. Andon functionality is built right into each line operator’s station SmartScreen user interface. Andon 3D leverages the same DNA as PINpoint MES PRO to accurately track the flow of products on the line, provide visibility of work orders, and all products in process; and ultimately affording you laser focused data to drive proactive decision making.

Andon 3D PINpoint 

Benefits of Andon 3D

Andon 3D PINpoint

Set Your Schedule: Easy Configuration = Flexibility.

Measuring your production starts with setting your daily schedule. The Scheduler feature in Andon 3D provides a visual configuration tool to define when you are working, when you are on break or change your production rate. Andon 3D is a dynamic solution, as you would expect from modern software.

Andon 3D PINpoint

Goal, Planned, Actual; Do You Know How You Are Really Running?

Change how you think about Andon and set your goal for your schedule or daily circumstances. A few clicks on any client SmartScreen will tell the story; instantly see your metrics for a station or the line, and change your Goal, cycle time or Takt time and watch all your SmartScreen clients update dynamically.

Andon 3D PINpoint

Advanced Product Tracking Makes it All Happen!

Andon 3D allows you to create a product, a route for that product and create a Work Order to build it. Know how long each product spends in a station, who worked on it, if it was over cycle or if help was needed; the tracking capability of Andon 3D is powered by its PINpoint MES system foundation.

Andon 3D PINpoint

Generate Events From Man or Machine.

Andon systems are all about communication. Modern communication should not solely rely on an operator deciding to push a button. The business logic driven by your system configuration can decide when to raise an event based on line conditions or an input from peripheral equipment.

Andon 3D PINpoint

There’s So Much More to Andon Than Blinking Lights.

Use your browser to configure how your Andon system communicates in your plant. Leverage e-mail, text messages, sound, a Big Screen display or even talk to a peripheral machine to distribute notifications. Andon 3D can escalate notifications based on time or suppress messages based on who is scheduled to be on duty.

Andon 3D PINpoint

Production Analytics = Manufacturing Intelligence.

Data management is more than just feeding a database.  It is transforming data into information and presenting it in an effective way so it can drive proactive decision making.  PINpoint’s Reporting engine is built on the latest analytic cube technology and provides ultimate flexibility in how you look at your production information.

Download the Andon 3D product brochure here: PINpoint Andon 3D Product Brochure

About PINpoint

PINpoint Information Systems has always been an innovator in manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions with their long-term proven web based ‘configurable’ plant floor management system. Manufacturing optimization is not just the primary focus at PINpoint… it’s the only focus. Lean manufacturing is about eliminating waste, reducing cost, improving efficiency, and improving quality: PINpoint Information Systems takes you there, they’ve been championing “Continuous Improvement” since 1997.

Working with OEM customers like Caterpillar, Navistar, Perkins and Hyundai have confirmed PINpoint’s position as a leader in the industry. PINpoint Andon and MES solutions have also played a major role at Lear, JCI, CalsonicKansei, AWTEC, Magna, Automodular, Arvin Meritor, Benteler and Hamilton Sundstrand on projects supplying content to world leading manufacturers Nissan, Toyota, GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Boeing.

With nearly twenty (20) years of dedicated focus on quality control and lean manufacturing, PINpoint has proven to be an innovative leader in the manufacturing execution system (MES) or manufacturing operations management (MOM) category. This proven track record has eclipsed the boundaries of the United States as PINpoint has successfully implemented projects in Canada, Mexico, China, and India; and with expansion continuing in South America, Europe and Asia.

If you are looking for the best MES solution to increase manufacturing efficiencies and deliver a positive return on investment then there’s only one choice… PINpoint Information Systems.